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Voyager Coffee has been serving high-quality coffee and espresso in NYC's Financial District since 2015. Our founders envisioned a space where they could take coffee next level - where exactness science and artistic spirit innovation collide to create something brand new! They named the cafe as a nod to the work of Carl Sagan a prolific astronomer whose passionate study of the cosmos transcended science to become a marvelous pursuit of wonder.

We don’t just blend and grind beans—we craft specialty coffee beverages that are inspired by science and infused with creativity. The café is a gathering place for connoisseurs of taste, flavor and aroma, who love coffee as much as we do.




Heddy Lunenfeld Jun 2024

My nine-year-old, twelve-year-old and I had a great time! William was very adept at targeting the class to his young audience. His enthusiasm when the girls accomplished a design was infectious. William is very knowledgeable and excited to share his knowledge. He has a great vibe and is a pleasure to learn from.

Brian Katz May 2024

William is awesome! This was my 3rd class at voyager and I always come out learning something new. Your latte art will improve after this class!

Nic Byrd May 2024

Corporate team building event. Instructor was very knowledgeable, personable, and engaged. He spent time describing many of the basics including why we were using caffeinated beans, how to froth milk, how to differentiate between building a base/canvas and how to form the design, etc.

We went through three different designs and all 5 of us did each design with instructor guidance and then on our own. When relevant, the instructor gave us concrete pointers and were able to try again. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot!

Chi Tran Apr 2024

Very detailed instruction and good vibes. Highly recommend for beginners. Will try latte art class next time.

Megan Lee Apr 2024

Our teacher Sam was amazing! He was very informative and patient with us while we took multiple tries for each latte art designs! We could tell he was very passionate about coffee and that made the entire class so much more fun. Best class we've ever taken in NYC, highly recommend it!

Brendon Wilkinson Apr 2024

It was a good length to get an intro into how to make latte art. The teacher helped a lot. Would recommend.

Martha Escoto Mar 2024

Great experience! Will is passionate about his craft. He is patient, thorough and made class lots of fun. We enjoyed the session from start to end.

Christina Kishun Mar 2024

Amazing class, my friends and I really enjoyed the techniques being taught - our instructor William did a phenomenal job!

Wendy Maitland Mar 2024

I discovered Voyager because I wanted to do something special with our foreign exchange student from Denmark and she and her friend wanted to learn latte art. William is fantastic! He demonstrates everything and then helped each of us to create our own latte art using his techniques. It was a ton of fun! I can’t wait to practice and look forward to impressing my family and friends! Also, the coffee is so high quality and smooth. He roast his own single origin farm beans. Thank you, William!

Vuk Muyot Mar 2024

Amazing experience. Super knowledgeable and great conversations about coffee science, culture, sociology. Thank you so much William, we had a blast.

Justin Wei Feb 2024

William from Voyager Espresso led my group of 14 through a tasting of 2 espresso shots and 4-5 cups of pour over and aeropress coffee, carefully describing the origins and flavor notes of each. He made the class extremely approachable, explaining the differences between coffee growing regions and the role altitude plays, coffee washing and drying methods, and roasting levels. He was generous with his time and made sure answer all of our questions. I highly recommend this class for anyone who's interested in learning more about coffee in an approachable setting. William is the absolute best teacher!

Jonathan Hawkins Feb 2024

Awesome experience. Voyager is one of the best coffee shops in the city in one of the coolest locations (in the subway!). Will is incredibly knowledgable about coffee and a fun and engaging teacher. We really loved this class.

Vivian Xu Feb 2024

He was so cool and this was a great class. Would recommend very much It was so fun

Kristal Libid Feb 2024

William not only our mentor but treated us like good friends. Enjoyed our session. Highly recommended.

Latte Art Workshop review by Kristal Libid - New York City

Javier Roldan Feb 2024

We had a great experience, the instructor Will was very knowledgeable, encouraging and patient. Definitely recommend!

Emily Feb 2024

We loved our latte art class! Such a fun afternoon and the instructor was really patient and helpful. Having a private class made for a great experience.

Chris Hurley Feb 2024

Fun, casual, informative, and our teacher made us feel like experts! Highly recommend this class.

Rebecca Spitzer Jan 2024

The class was amazing! William was a great teacher and we had so much fun making latte art

Coffee class review by Rebecca Spitzer - New York City

Elise Zheng Jan 2024

William is great He shared many of his stories with coffee and answered our questions. He tried a few different brew methods to show us the difference and gave us some daily recipe suggestions. Very humble and chill and delicious coffee too.

Coffee Cupping Tasting Experience review by Elise Zheng - New York City

Ka Kwan Gary Cheng Nov 2023

Best Coffee Learning Experience ever! Me and my friends really enjoyed the whole experience. William is really knowledgeable, basically he can answer everything related to coffee. On that day, he teach us how to taste coffee from different brewing method, and how to make a perfect latte art. It was excellent experience overall. We are all happy about it.

Pamela Oct 2023

William was excellent in accommodating our group. Knowledgeable, fun, and entertaining. A unique experience coffee cupping with Voyager espresso.

Jennaye Brown Oct 2023

Great class! William was very friendly and knowledgable about coffee. I would definitely consider taking another class.

Madeleine Cox Aug 2023

My friends and I had a blast at the coffee cupping experience! We went for my friends bachelorette party and we all loved learning more about coffee and different techniques! Will was great and was thrilled to share his knowledge of all things coffee! The bride loves pour over coffee and Will took the time to show her how to best make it and she even recorded it to use back at home! Highly recommend this for coffee lovers! Best part was the specialty coffee drink at the end!

Coffee class review by Madeleine Cox - New York City

Teacher's response

Thank you so much Madeleine for taking time to write this. I certainly had a blast talking coffee with you girls, hope the rest of your time in the city was just as fun

Regina Lin Aug 2023

We had a great time doing our cupping with Will! As home coffee enthusiasts, we were able to get lots of our questions answered about pour over and espresso making. Will made us different samples and let us taste and ask questions, and he was very knowledgeable and helpful! I’d definitely recommend this to anyone interested in cuppings.

Katerina Zelenskaya Aug 2023

We had the most beautiful time at the latte art workshop! The teacher was not only incredibly skilled but also patient and encouraging. He took the time to explain every technique thoroughly and was always available to provide guidance and answer questions.

The venue was cozy and inviting, creating the perfect atmosphere for a creative and educational experience. The setup was well-organized, and everything we needed was readily available.

The materials provided were top-notch. From the high-quality coffee beans to the variety of milk textures, everything was carefully chosen to ensure a fantastic learning experience. It was evident that the organizers spared no effort in making sure we had the best tools to work with.

Throughout the workshop, we learned a range of latte art techniques, from basic designs to more intricate patterns. The hands-on practice was invaluable – I was amazed at how quickly I progressed under the teacher's guidance. By the end of the workshop, I felt confident in my ability to create beautiful latte art.

What I liked most about the workshop was the combination of theory and practice. We not only learned the principles behind latte art but also got to put them into action. The interactive nature of the workshop made it engaging and enjoyable.

In summary, the latte art workshop was an enriching experience in every way. The teacher's expertise, the quality of materials, and the overall value made it a truly worthwhile endeavor. We walked away with new skills, a deeper appreciation for coffee artistry, and a memorable experience we'll cherish.

Coffee class review by Katerina Zelenskaya - New York City

Menat Bahnasy Aug 2023

Will was an amazing teacher who knows just about everything related to coffee. He is funny, charismatic, knowledgeable, and runs an awesome tasting class We tasted so much coffee in different forms while learning about the ins and outs, and Will sent us home with some of his amazing specialty drinks. Overall, an amazing experience Would recommend to everyone

Kazimier Smith Jul 2023

I really enjoyed the class. The teacher shared a wealth of knowledge about beans, roasting, pourover, coffee culture, etc. He was very generous with his time. I learned several specific things that I'll use to make better pourovers. The teacher's approach was to help me learn how to choose, taste, and dial in coffee more generally. I can't make a perfect cup of coffee, but after this class I feel that I understand how to move in that direction. I think that knowledge is much more valuable than a specific pourover recipe, and I'm grateful to have it.

Teacher's response

It was a pleasure having you Kazimier, we’re so happy to be a part of your quest for a perfect cup

Janet Poon Jul 2023

I'm writing for the purposes of expressing dissatisfaction with the Pour Over Coffee Making Workshop that my husband and I attended on Saturday, July 1st. I've directly sent Voyager Espresso the same message below, and followed up once, but they have not replied at all.

There were three main problems.

Timeliness: my class was supposed to start at 12pm. I arrived at 11:59pm but there was another class still in progress. We had to wait until 12:30pm before our class started. I was told there was an unexpected system problem with ClassBento. That's fine - I understand.

I made it clear to William that my husband and I had plans after our class, which William acknowledged. He even asked us what time we had to leave by, to which I told him 2pm. He did not respect that at all. I tried several times to suggest that we had to leave, but he continued talking (all the while, acknowledging that he was keeping us long), and he only finished everything he wanted to say at 2:20pm.

Our receipt clearly states that the class should have been from 12pm-1pm.

Content: There needs to be a clear and concise curriculum and topics covered for the class. Over the 1h50m that William kept us, we learned much more about him than about coffee. About 30% of the class time was spent on information about coffee and pour-over brewing, and the rest of the 70% were about William talking about himself and his coffee journey.

There's nothing wrong with that if I had just stopped by to purchase a cup of coffee, but I explicitly paid $170 for my husband and I to have a class about pour over coffee, not about the life experiences and family of William, which were interesting, but not what we paid $170 for.

Dishonesty about advertised inclusions: In your listing on ClassBento, it is advertised that each participant would receive a 12 oz bag of coffee. At the end of my class, I asked for one bag of 12 oz coffee of your Ethiopia Guji, but was made to pay for it.

Teacher's response

Hello Janet, thanks so much for taking the time to write this, we are sorry to read you was not satisfied with the class and that it was not up to you expectations. At Voyager it is really important our customers feedback and we’ll use it to make a better experience for future events. Although you expressed that not enough was covered about the subject it was by far not what was expressed by you guys during the class, but we’ll contact the Class Bento team to see how we can get you a full refund for the class plus what you paid for the coffee you took home with you. Once again we are sorry to read you wasn’t satisfied but our every experience we had with past classes had generated nothing but great satisfaction and 5 stars reviews.

Victoria Ma Jun 2023

William is very patient and he is very knowledgeable. He shared a lot of tips on how to do a latte art. We learned so much from him, especially steaming milk.

We ended up buying a few bags of coffee beans before we left as the coffee smelled and tasted very good!

I would definitely come back for another class.

Stephanie Miller May 2023

The class was even better than I expected What a wonderful teacher and experience. Would definitely take another class with Will.

Eric Marzec May 2023

The class was very informative. Will was super knowledgeable. He coached me through getting my pour over technique to be top notch. Especially helpful was info about beans and coffee labels.

Jordan Mohr May 2023

Highly recommend this class! Went in knowing almost nothing about coffee and not only did I learn the right ratios and timing for a great cup, but also about how the beans are grown, harvested and roasted so I know what to look for when I try new shops. Instructor was welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable in sharing his love for coffee!

Olga Shamarina Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Will is awesome!
He explained everything very clearly and interestingly.
I was able to pick up some barista skills during the lesson =)

Thank you, Will!

Jamie Jenkins Apr 2023

Will was so knowledgeable and went above and beyond to make the class a memorable and valuable experience! I’d highly recommend this to anybody looking to step up their latte game! :)

Winnie Chung Mar 2023

Will was really nice and professional. I learned a lot today. Definitely will look into more classes in the future.

Coffee class review by Winnie Chung - New York City

Alexis Leighton Mar 2023

Will was so talented, a great teacher, and so much fun We all got multiple attempts to create latte art and he provided feedback in an informative but also playful environment. We all had a great time and learned a lot! And of course he sent us off with the most amazing coffee we have ever had We will certainly be recommending the class to friends and visiting Voyager Espresso often

Lacey Johnson Feb 2023

Loved every minute of it! Will was very knowledgeable and provided wonderful insight on coffee beans, the roasting process and how to get the best cup of coffee. Highly recommend

Erin Zaikis Feb 2023

Such an awesome class! I booked this for my boyfriend’s birthday and it was such a lovely morning. We walked away having learned so much about coffee, milk steaming and latte art. The teacher was so kind, welcoming and knowledgeable. I can’t wait to take more classes from him!

Benjamin Sheers Feb 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Comprehensive, structured and very hands on, this class was an excellent education on coffee, pour over coffee, and I can definitely say that I came away more knowledgable about coffee and more appreciative of the process that goes into brewing a special cup.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about the basics of coffee, while also coming away with practical knowledge that can be put to use right away.

As a native New Yorker, it is also cool to discover this tucked away coffee oasis. But this is more than just a nice easter egg. It's a legit classbento experience. Definitely one I will revisit.

Coffee class review by Benjamin Sheers - New York City

Ian Kirk Jan 2023

Unbelievable experience! Will was so friendly and welcoming, wildly informative and helpful, and is clearly passionate about his job/coffee/educating people about coffee. I would 100% recommend this class and the venue, and will return every time I’m in the city.

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