Artillery AG : Mindful Ceramics, pottery teacher

Artillery AG : Mindful Ceramics

Artillery AG : Mindful Ceramics

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In the summer of 2009 Artillery AG blossomed in the Mission district of San Francisco. Founders Iván Lopez and Alexa Treviño set out to establish a creative gallery and studio that would embody Nature, Familia, and Cultura.

Artillery AG is home to many art forms that we are able to connect with. Creating with clay, earth, paint, and photography.

With clay and flora, we are able to honor our Pachamama. We connect with our earth each time we mold clay and tend to our plantitas. Giving thanks to the Ohlone people for allowing us to be on their land.

Through photography, we reflect on the times and also our ancestors in each moment. Reminding us of the beauty we have within ourselves and that of our community, immortalized with light.

Painting is an act of resistance. You can see the stories of our people painted on the walls of the Mission. Each color expressing our vibrant cultura. Art is the universal language so powerful we can understand each other with just a brushstroke.

At Artillery AG we prioritize being a safe space for our QT and BIPOC Community. We will not accept hate in our space.

We welcome you to join our creative familia.

Art is good for you homie!

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Rachel Therkildsen Jul 2024

Vivi was an excellent teacher! We had a bachelorette party at AG Artillery and it was perfect—fun, engaging, creative. Highly recommend!

Mikaela Schwab Jun 2024

5 stars! Ivan was wonderful and we had a great time. He was patient, supportive, and really took the time to explain each tool and step of the process. We loved the mindfulness and tea exercise as well

Omar El-Etr May 2024

Kelly was absolutely incredible! I booked this class for my fiancée's birthday and it was one of the best decisions I made. I was honestly a little worried about booking a pottery class because I know next to nothing about it. This class, however, totally exceeded my expectations. My fiancée and I had 0 pottery experience and Kelly made it such a wholesome and therapeutic experience. Definitely worth every penny. Because of this class, I'm now actually interested in pursuing pottery more seriously.

Thank you, Kelly, for such a wonderful experience!

Michael W Rozakis Mar 2024

We had a great time, the instructor was very nice and helpful and went up and beyond for our learning experience.

Shamim Toshi Mar 2024

Our instructor, Kelly, was amazing! She was patient, informative and kind. The class was very fun and relaxing!

Laurie Xuan Feb 2024

This was a great starter class for dabbling in pottery. I enjoyed the thorough verbal and hands-on instruction provided throughout the class. Unfortunately, we could not keep our pieces afterward, which only makes my rating a 4/5. Otherwise, I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in starting pottery as a hobby.

Julie Kim Jan 2024

Amazing teacher and very fun! Love how intimate the class is. We learned the basics of clay molding and got to make candle holders.

Linda Pham Jan 2024

My team and I enjoyed the mindful ceramics workshop. It gave us an opportunity to connect with each other and with our creative selves. Kelly was a wonderful teacher and very engaging! I highly recommend this workshop and studio!

Joseph Thaidigsman Jan 2024

Summer was an excellent instructor, they provided expert advice and helped me craft my first bowl!

Wheel Throwing Class: Try-me One Time review by Joseph Thaidigsman - San Francisco

Anthony Dandrea Jan 2024

I had an incredible experience at the Wheel Throwing Class! Ivan was a great instructor and made the entire process enjoyable and accessible, even for beginners like myself. The studio provided a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere, with plenty of space and high-quality tools.

Ivan's guidance was invaluable, as he patiently demonstrated each step of the wheel throwing technique and provided assistance when needed. His passion for pottery was evident, and he shared insightful tips and tricks that enhanced our understanding of the craft.

The class also encouraged creativity. Ivan encouraged us to explore our unique artistic visions, experiment with different shapes, and express ourselves through our creations. The hands-on experience, combined with Ivan's expertise, opened the door for me to further explore wheel throwing!

Radwa Metwali Nov 2023

Our group enjoyed the clay foraging experience. The hike was pleasant, we learned how to identify clay deposits, and had fun shaping the clay into little objects.

Jenna Bishop Oct 2023

Ivan was very nice and taught us about different clays in the area and what's best to work with. He also lead a beautiful gratitude session for the earth which was a big reason I chose this class! I love intentional and mindful practices and this was it! We even got to see some whales while creating out heartwork. 10/10

Mindful Ceramics Class: Clay Foraging Nature Excursion review by Jenna Bishop - San Francisco

Molly Phillips Jun 2023

Lis was wonderful! So helpful when we needed direction. The space is beautiful and inspiring. Lovely experience in many ways!

Kimberly Butcher May 2023

Fantastic class. We did a guided meditation and the instructor posed a question, something along the lines of how we treat our bodies which honestly transited into the class. I felt so grounded and present. I never looked at other peoples work or compared myself to anyone. I felt that the clay and I were creating a bond. I was pouring all my emotions and the outcome felt so reassuring. Definitely recommend for all to take.

Zelia Pantani Feb 2023

Awesome class! Learned how to throw the clay on the wheel and some basic techniques for centering the clay. Definitely harder than It looks but also a very great intro class for beginners before deciding to continue with It. You don’t take anything home but you’ll find there isn’t much to take home depending on your skill level lol.

Great time spent very enjoyable, thank you!

Ingrid Pontes Oct 2022

This was such a beautiful experience! It made my birthday extra special to have this mindful moment with friends around nature and then to create something unique with my hands. Our instructor, Lyss, was amazing in every way and made our class fun and relaxing! I will definitely want to try more classes in the future.

Deanna Takasugi Jul 2022

I purchased this class for a bachelorette event. We absolutely loved it! Our instructors were incredible and so helpful. We loved the mindfulness meditation at the beginning of the class. It really helped us release things that would have impacted our weekend and were able to focus on celebrating with our Bride to Be. Our instructors were amazing at showing us different sculpting techniques and just having fun with us. Would highly recommend this class!

Ceramics Class: Sculpt a Garden Vessel review by Deanna Takasugi - San Francisco

Vivian Vu Apr 2022

Our teacher Alyssa was amazing. She was so calm and zen and we just loved her positive attitude. She taught us a lot and gave us many ideas. My friends and I had such a great time. We work in high stress environments and this was definitely what we needed on a night out together. Thank you!

Tanner Swenson Feb 2022

Amazing class. Instructor is very knowledgable and friendly. The lessons were thorough and encouraged me to learn more about the world of ceramics. Materials were ample and responsibly sourced and recycled. Can't recommend this course and this studio enough.

Andrew Dahlstrom Jan 2022

We had a really great time and learned a lot! Lots of room for creativity and relaxing environment as well.

Melissa Vorndran Jan 2022

Alyssa was a wonderful teacher and we had such a great time! The space is beautiful too.

Ceramics Class: Sculpt a Garden Vessel review by Melissa Vorndran - San Francisco

Jill Lewis Dec 2021

We had such an amazing time in this class. The mix of mindfulness and pottery was the ideal experience for our group of friends. Ivan and Kelly encouraged and guided us through a wonderful session with clay, teaching us vital techniques and helping us get in the flow and relax.

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