Meet Eddie Lo

Meet Eddie Lo

By Kiana Pontrelli

Eddie Lo comes from a line of restaurateurs and cooks, so it’s no surprise that he decided to pursue his love for homemade dumplings as a career. His cooking classes were built on family recipes and techniques, but he sharpened his teaching prowess by helping his mentor Olivia Wu to launch her cooking program across the Google campus in Mountain View, California. His last step was exploring flavor and ingredients through studying with amazing chefs all around the world. Now he shares his stories, expertise, and dining room table, with anyone interested in learning new recipes and sharing a delicious meal together. 

When you enter Eddie’s San Francisco kitchen, you’ll experience a hands-on cooking lesson with the ambiance of a charming dinner party. In a friendly and intimate environment, gathered around a kitchen island, he invites you to learn a reimagined process of his mother’s authentic dumpling-making techniques so that even first-timers can find success.

Eddie Lo teaches his students how to fold dumplings in a cooking class in San Francisco

I’ve loved teaching since I was a little kid…

“My parents were my favorite students. I grew up in their Chinese restaurant in Wisconsin, where my love of food started. Growing up there, I also saw firsthand the importance of hospitality and how food can bring people and community together.”

Eddie Lo, cooking instructor.

We all start somewhere… 

“My mom is a classically trained dumpling chef from Shanghai. As an immigrant, she brought techniques and food to Wisconsin. Over the years, I could never get her to successfully teach me how to make dough or pleat dumplings like she did. That’s what I love about teaching (and what I think makes a good teacher) turning something that’s complex into something that’s intuitive and easy for anyone to follow.”

A tray of fresh dumplings.

Nobody is perfect on their first try…

“So don’t be too hard on yourself! Be loose, be open-minded and be ready to have fun and laugh at and with yourself. Classes are for experimentation and pushing the limits. That way, when you get home, you’ll look like a pro throwing your very own dumpling dinner party for friends and family.”

Four students in a dumpling making class work around a table, one student smiles at the camera.

You won’t find this in a cookbook…

“First and foremost, the feelings of texture of when to know when your dough is ready, when to know when you've rolled out your dumpling skins to the ideal thickness, and how to pleat dumplings to perfection. Illustrations and videos aren't the same as hands-on, one-on-one instruction. We also discuss soy sauces and the concept of umami – tasting and discussing these flavors together is such a transformative experience.”

Eddie Lo stands behind a kitchen island full of ingredients as he instructs his cooking class in San Francisco.

Bring your own flair to the kitchen…

“I love jazzing with flavor. Cooking, in contrast to baking, can be a much more forgiving and loose experience. I encourage my guests to play and experiment with flavors, tasting as you go and evolving a dish or sauce. This is how I was taught and how my parents cook.”

A group of students in a dumpling making class smile at the camera holding two plates of freshly made dumplings.

My kitchen is a community space…

“I love bringing together people, whether they be strangers or teammates here for a team building class. And, because we all sit together to eat at the end of the cooking experience, the vibe transforms from a cooking class into a supper club.”

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