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Hello, I am a scientist and musician. I like to combine art, technology, and science to better understand the world. I am very energetic, I love to read and write. Learning a new culture and making new friends is my motivation.

I am an internationally certified science and terrarium teacher. I love to share my skills with others.

I have been to more than 30 states of America. I have traveled from East to West of the USA twice, drove all the way alone! Travel is a very important part of my life. Also Music and Science!!

Best Regards :)

Classes and kits

Closed Terrarium Making Class

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Seattle / Mobile

1 to 300

label $79 - $109

Robotics Class

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Mountain View / Mobile

1 to 10

label $56 - $120

Rug Tufting Workshop

5.0 (42)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on SF / Mobile

1 to 100

label $84 - $99

Rug Tufting Workshop

5.0 (11)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on SF / Mobile

1 to 100

label $84 - $99

Moss Wall Art Workshop

5.0 (8)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on SF / Mobile

1 to 300

label $44 - $79

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Workshop

date_range Runs regularly

location_on SF

1 to 300

label $72 - $89

Closed Terrarium Class

5.0 (31)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on SF / Mobile

1 to 300

label $69 - $139

Terrarium Ornament Workshop

5.0 (1)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on SF / Mobile

1 to 1000

label $54 - $69

Moss Wall Art Workshop

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Comes to you

1 to 300

label $44 - $69

Cloud Craft Workshop: Floating Dreams

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Menlo Park / Mobile

1 to 300

label $66 - $1,098

Floating Terrariums Class: Garden in the Sky

5.0 (1)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on SF / Mobile

1 to 300

label $99 - $159

Moss Wall Art Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Comes to you

6 to 300

label $59 - $69

Closed Terrarium Workshop

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Brooklyn / Mobile

1 to 300

label $79 - $109

Closed Terrarium Making Workshop

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Beverly Hills / Mobile

1 to 100

label $69 - $99

Moss Wall Art Workshop

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Comes to you

15 to 300

label $59 - $64

DIY Closed Terrarium

5.0 (55)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 300

label $89 - $139

Make a Terrarium Ornament

5.0 (3)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 1000

label $43 - $49

Make DIY Moss Wall Art

5.0 (3)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 300

label $74 - $109

Make Floating Terrariums: Garden in the Sky

4.8 (6)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 300

label $99 - $159

DIY Clouds at Home: Floating Dreams

5.0 (2)

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 300

label $139 - $2,098

Make a Moonlit Orb

date_range Runs regularly



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 300

label $199

Floating Terrariums Craft Kit

local_shipping Ships to you

label $199

DIY Cloud Craft Kit

local_shipping Ships to you

label $199




Mairead Dillon Jul 2024

I absolutely loved my very 1st rug tufting workshop! Mustafa was a great teacher. He made me feel comfortable and made the process so easy to understand. The venue was beautiful, spacious and had all the materials and snacks one could possibly need. 100% recommend

Ingrid Chu Jul 2024

Mr. Scientist is FANTASTIC. I would take more classes with him. My husband and I had a great experience rug tufting for the very first time.

Nate Mooi Jul 2024

Fantastic! We had such a good time making rugs. Extremely satisfying! Kadir was a fantastic teacher.

Textiles class review by Nate Mooi - San Francisco

Conor O'Callaghan Jul 2024

There’s guys were the best! As helpful as they were friendly. I was amazed how well the rugs turned out and it was our first time

Textiles class review by Conor O'Callaghan - San Francisco

Yafah Franco Jun 2024

So much fun! The instructors were so helpful and gracious!!! The end product was beautiful.

Joshua So Jun 2024

Amazing space. All the resources were provided with snacks and the teacher was very helpful.

Merry Dimanh Jun 2024

Mustafa was a great instructor, let us practice beforehand and helped instruct the easiest ways for beginners to apply the ideas we wanted to make on the tufting cloth. I would have like an explanation of the frame, cloth, etc too.

Textiles class review by Merry Dimanh - San Francisco

Kristi McClamroch Jun 2024

My husband, daughter, and I had a blast together tufting rugs to celebrate Father's Day. Our teacher was great- he gave us lots of attention and care. And all three of us made something we love!

Kate Simmons Jun 2024

We did this rug tufting event as part of our teambuilding offsite and had such a blast!! Our instructors were amazing and such fun and patient people. We all had never done rug tufting before, but by the end of the workshop we felt pretty confident! They provide all the materials you need and show you how to do everything. I love that they let us do some test tries with the tufting gun on a blanket canvas before we started our own rug.

Rug Tufting Workshop review by Kate Simmons - San Francisco

Shannel Bermudez Jun 2024

I took my fiancé here for his 30th birthday and it was truly a great decision. we had so much fun and the teachers were super attentive and had great feedback to make sure our rugs turned out great!

they provide you with everything you need: a big enough canvas, tufting gun, and unlimited yarn of all colors. the teachers sit you down and show you how to hold and handle the tufting gun; safety first! then they watched us each use the gun on a test canvas to ensure we got a good handle on it before working on our own canvas.

the only feedback I had that I thought of after the fact was before starting your drawing, make sure you know that it’s going to be a mirror image of what you want it to be. so if you want your subject facing a certain way, make sure you flip it to its mirror image so that your final product is facing the way you want it to.

regardless, we had such a fantastic time that we would def do this again!

Alicia Loh Jun 2024

Great class, especially for complete beginners to tufting! All materials provided, instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable

Dayne-Arron Watai Jun 2024

Mr. Scientist is a great teacher, awesome studio space, overall highly recommend! Come.prepared for a bicep workout.

Textiles class review by Dayne-Arron Watai - San Francisco

Julian Nelums May 2024

Great time and learned a lot! The teachers were super accommodating and helped us create a great work of art.

Kristen Pownell May 2024

Great class! We were all beginners and were able to complete projects that we really loved in the time limit. Everyone's rug looks amazing and we were able to take it home right away! Definitely recommend for an offsite or weekend class :)

Peipei Zhang May 2024

It was fun! My team enjoyed it as a team building event. The location is convenient too

Elizabeth Jazwiecki May 2024

The instructors were cheerful and helpful and provided lots of individualized instruction along the way. A great team event.

Bryan Anthonio May 2024

We went to celebrate my partners birthday and it was so much fun! Our Instructor was great, he was funny, gave great instruction and made us feel really welcome. I think this class was really great value for the experience and we will be looking into other classes they offer!

Textiles class review by Bryan Anthonio - San Francisco

Anouk Killaars May 2024

We loved the workshop! My partner and I went to celebrate my birthday and had a lot of fun. Mr. Scientist was so nice, helped out where needed but also let us do our own thing. The atmosphere was relaxing and so positive. Great value for your money. We now have two cute rugs at home!

Textiles class review by Anouk Killaars - San Francisco

Sara Matsuzaki May 2024

Great fun. Enjoyed experience. Would recommend. Teacher was super. I am satisfied with my rug.

Genniame Felix May 2024

He was a great instructor! The employees seem to enjoy the class and was very engaging!

Matthew Rome Avelino May 2024

Mr Scientist was an awesome teacher for the Rug Tufting class. I highly recommend it to anyone. My group was very satisfied with the class and we were able to learn really quickly on how to make a rug! 10/10 Mr Scientist is a super fun teacher to have

Fabian Vergara Apr 2024

Loved the whole thing. The instructor was pretty cool and knowledgeable. 10/10 would do it again

Asitha Kaduwela Apr 2024

Class was quick and fun. Would be nice to know beforehand if we need extra materials such as scissors.

Kevin Kant Apr 2024

Fun and enjoyable session for teambuilding

Richelle Miao Apr 2024

Amazing course, and very nice instructor! Thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a cute date activity!

Kimberly Cason Apr 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

What a fantastic class! Tufting a personalized rug was so much fun and the instructor was very knowledgable and patient. I definitely recommend this class

Textiles class review by Kimberly Cason - San Francisco

Matias Lee Apr 2024

Great time with a genuine teacher! The class didn’t feel like a business, but rather an actual school class with a teacher that cares about your creative freedom and artistic success. He goes the extra mile within his abilities to give you a good experience and asks for feedbacks. Talk to him and get to know him as a person.

Matthew Thompson Apr 2024

We went for my girlfriend's birthday. The class was a lot of fun. Our teacher, Mr. Scientist, was very helpful, fun, and a very nice person. It was fun getting to use the different materials for our moss art. His art studio is very cool, and the moss art area had plenty of windows with a view of downtown San Francisco. I'd highly recommend this class for some chill, creative fun.

Venus Eltaki Apr 2024

Great teacher! He spent a sufficient amount of time showing us the ropes (including one on one training), then gave us a lot of space & freedom to work. He was still always available for assistance. Our class lasted a little over three hours- just a heads up for planning purposes!

Rug Tufting Workshop review by Venus Eltaki - San Francisco

Linda Dailey Mar 2024

The group had very positive feedback on the class once complete. They all enjoyed it immensely and loved having a terrarium. Several have mentioned that they want to build more now that they have the "know how".

Amy Liu Mar 2024

It was fantastic that the host patiently instructed us in tufting, as we were all beginners. I thoroughly enjoyed the process! It's an excellent activity to do with family and friends.

Hiep Tran Mar 2024

We were not able to located the class, we showed up at 11, the time the class supposed to started, we first went to the Beverly hill park. No one was there; then we went to the address, no one was there, I didn’t get any email or text proper saying the class was cancel or not; and there was no way for us to contact the instructor since there was not phone number listed

Tejas Priyadarshan Mar 2024

Loved the class. Kadir was an amazing and warm instructor. Would love to come back.

Textiles class review by Tejas Priyadarshan - San Francisco

Elena Ruyter Mar 2024

Mr. Scientist was really great and we loved his energy. He filled our boxes with so much great stuff and we had an excellent time being creative.

Make Floating Terrariums: Garden in the Sky review by Elena Ruyter

Praveen Batra Feb 2024

For a company team building event (10 people) we had a great time! Our instructor was very helpful and there were plenty of different yarn colors and design ideas. Personally I’ve never been great with arts and crafts so I was pleasantly surprised with how my shark rug turned out :D

Charlotte Yuan Feb 2024

Such a great experience! Instructor was amazing, hospitable, and kind — he let us stay past our designated time slot to finish our rugs. He even offered snacks and delicious Turkish coffees for us to enjoy. Rugs turned out amazing, would definitely do again! :)

Rug Tufting Workshop review by Charlotte Yuan - San Francisco

Ryan Amirahmadi Feb 2024

I had lots of fun building the terrarium. Will definitely recommend it to my friends

Frankie Harrington Feb 2024

Kadir, our teacher, was GREAT! He was organized, knowledgeable, and very helpful. To make the most of our time, canvases were set up & rug tufting gun & yarn were in place for us. Kadir provided basic instructions & then did a "show & tell" and had us practice with the tufting gun. Then, he left us to work on our masterpieces. Kadir was in the room & available to answer any questions, but he did not "hover". Kadir offered us Turkish coffee, tea, popcorn, and power bars. Although another class of 7 arrived, Kadir was very kind & let us stay an additional 30 minutes to finish our rugs. 5 Stars for Kadir Yes! I'd do the class again! -- It was fun, fun, fun

Rug Tufting Workshop review by Frankie Harrington - San Francisco

David Chin Feb 2024

We had him over at our venue for a bridal shower. He was very communicative and responsive to my questions about his class ahead of booking him. We communicated often ahead of the booking as our numbers shifted. When he arrived he was very nice and delightful with our group. He brought all the moss, boards, glue guns, and other decorations for us to use and we provided the space and tables. I had understood that it was moss but we were all surprised to realize it was live moss that will grow in our homes. He gave us fun and useful information about the moss, how to care for it, and where we can find it. We all very much enjoyed his class and would certainly suggest it to anyone looking for a fun group craft activity.

Dan Tong Feb 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great team building activity. Instructor is easy-going, knowledgeable, and very hospitable. We had a blast!

Marco Wood Feb 2024

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

This class was lively and very interesting! Would highly recommend Mr. Botanist
Hello, Thank you for an awesome virtual event! I learned so much and Mr Botanist explained so well. This will definitely be something I can continue on my own. Again, Thank you!
Thanks again so much for this, I enjoyed it a lot!

Eladio Carrillo Feb 2024

It was an amazing experience for us. The hospitality was amazing, the lesson was amazing and the teacher was very outgoing, outstanding, and passionate to share what he does. Materials were provided for us and we couldn’t have been any happier with what was provided. Our time working on our moss art was relaxing and has given us to creatively express ourselves while connecting with the beauty of nature. If we could give more stars we would. This class was worth every penny.

John Paras Feb 2024

Booked rug tufting with Mr. Scientist with a group of friends for my birthday. It was a really good experience especially for anyone who doesn’t have any experience. Mr. Scientist gave a great tutorial and made the whole event a vibe. Everything was set up and lots of colors to choose from. His hospitality was great offering snacks and drinks! 5/5 would recommend!

Rug Tufting Workshop review by John Paras - San Francisco

Marisa Chong Ai Ping Bautista Jan 2024

Mr Scientist was super welcoming and nice. We enjoyed his truthfulness and gracious knowledge sharing about Sciene and how to build a sustainable eco system for plants and little creatures in a closed glass bottle. He also has other talents like wire bonsai tree and rug tufting.

Sunil Agrawal Jan 2024

Attending the tufting class was an incredibly rewarding experience, and I want to express my sincere appreciation for the instructor's well-designed lessons and hands-on assistance. The instructor's expertise and enthusiasm for tufting were evident, creating an engaging and enjoyable learning environment. The step-by-step approach made the intricacies of tufting accessible, even for beginners, and the personalized guidance provided during the class ensured that everyone felt supported in their learning journey. The carefully prepared materials and clear demonstrations further enhanced the overall educational experience. I wholeheartedly recommend this tufting class to anyone seeking expert guidance and hands-on support in their artistic endeavors.

Logan Turner Jan 2024

Great person and teacher, has a good sense of humor. Simple and fun class where we learned a few things and had a blast. Don’t be afraid to add extra items to give personal flair to your terrarium!

Chris Jan 2024

Loved the instructor. He was informative, very nice and it was relaxing - last time I did a class like this the instructor was extremely boring. Didn't stay long because never got mine in the mail. Would highly recommend the instructor.

Jung-Ah Rha Jan 2024

It was nice getting a short history lesson on terrariums before we got into making our own.

Marisa Brandes Jan 2024

Fantastic class! The instructor was great and made learning about terrariums easy and fun. Would highly recommend !

Sabrina Zhang Dec 2023

Mr. Scientist was an amazing host and welcomed us with Turkish coffee and treats! This is my first time tufting and the results exceeded my expectations. I would recommend this workshops to everyone who wants a fun crafting experience.

Randall Miller Dec 2023

Had a good time buliding this and learned how to do it next time, definitely would do again

Terrarium class review by Randall Miller

Helen Doan Dec 2023

This tuffing session was a fun experience for me and my girl friends. We had a great time making the rug and our instructor was very kind and patience. He showed us all the needed details on how to tuff a rug in a short amount of time. He was also a great host as he offer tea and coffee and checked up on us very often. We would definitely do this experience again.

Sarah Chan Dec 2023

This was a super fun class! It was my cousin and my first time tufting and we were both able to complete our designs within the class time (about 4 hours). Mr. Scientist was very thorough in his demonstrations on how to do it. We brought in our own designs and freehand drew it on the canvas. He also made sure we felt comfortable and had plenty of snacks and drinks for us to enjoy!

Alime Saraydere Dec 2023

Very welcoming, polite, friendly atmosphere Very enjoyable activity. It takes 3 hours so don’t plan anything else just after. It was a very good afternoon different from the others, for sure Will do it again!

Textiles class review by Alime Saraydere - San Francisco

Sena Bilginan Dec 2023

We had a great time. Creating a product while having fun feels really good and reduces stress. It's definitely a great activity to do with friends—I highly recommend it.

Textiles class review by Sena Bilginan - San Francisco

Osman A Dec 2023

It was one of the best couple experience we had together with my wife. I really enjoyed the entire process and the creativity part. We are looking forward to come again.

Joseph Barden Dec 2023

My team loved Mr. Scientist! Tufting our own rug was an absolute amazing, thanks to this fantastic workshop. He was not only knowledgeable but also made the entire process enjoyable. Highly recommend for anyone interested in a hands-on and rewarding tufting experience!

Hector Meyer Dec 2023

I recently had an exceptional tufting experience that exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail and craftsmanship showcased in the final product truly impressed me. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, every step was handled with utmost professionalism. The tufting process was not only efficient but also resulted in a stunning piece that perfectly complemented my space. I highly recommend this tufting service for anyone seeking top-notch quality and a seamless experience.

Textiles class review by Hector Meyer - San Francisco

Seini Pola'ulu Dec 2023

Had a blast! An experience of a lifetime that you never wanna miss. It’s fun and definitely one for the book. The teacher was great and couldn’t have asked for a better one.

Laisa T Dec 2023

Thank you so much Mr Scientist for the fun workshop! Learned so much about rug tufting and patience lol. Would totally recommend everyone to try it out. Thanks again Mr Scientist for a great night:)

Ranadi Koroitamana Dec 2023

Mr Scientist was an amazing host and teacher! This was my first time tufting. He was very helpful and went out of his way to help each member of our group learn the technique and feel supported through out the whole experience. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun! I enjoyed doing this very much!

Rug Tufting Workshop review by Ranadi Koroitamana - San Francisco

Julie Wang Dec 2023

Fun! Very kind and patient. Also very humorous, bro is full of jokes lmao. The yarn winder was also fun. Recommended!

Upuia Makahili Dec 2023

My teacher was so great! Very helpful, informative, patient, positive and supportive! I enjoyed his hospitality and got to meet new and interesting people.

Ysmayyl Orazgulyyev Dec 2023

Had an incredible time at the tufting experience. From start to finish, the host made it enjoyable and informative. The hands-on tufting process was not only fun but also surprisingly therapeutic. I left with a beautiful creation and wonderful memories. Highly recommend this unique and creative experience with Mr. Scientist

Alston Choo Dec 2023

This class was amazing and the instructor was super nice! I highly recommend this class

Ahmet Noyan Dec 2023

Mr. Scientist's rug tufting workshop was a blast! Everything was ready to use perfectly so we could dive right into the tufting action. Also Turkish coffee and tea OMG He was great, full of energy and super helpful. We joined as a team for a fun group and team building activity. You might end up loving tufting more than you expected, because we loved it! Mr. Scientist helped us with the every step. Highly recommended for everybody.

Josette Rojo Dec 2023

Mr. Scientist was an amazing teacher and instructor for our very first tufting class! Our class was in his Mountain View location which is a very intimate setting in a condo style home. It was just me and my partner doing the tufting class so we got such VIP treatment! He greeted us Turkish coffee and made us feel very comfortable in the space. The space was very cozy, clean, and organized. He first went through the history of rug tufting and what it was.

My partner and I picked our patterns before the class which I highly recommend you do. Definitely choose a pattern that is easy for your first time (eg minimal detail, easy lines, minimal colors, minimal letters, etc). We hand drew our patterns and were given tools to draw straight lines and circles if needed.

Learning how to use the gun was the hardest part for me. He taught us how to use it safely and properly. He allows you practice with the gun first before going in your canvas. He was sooo patient with us and provided the best support and encouragement He let us take our time with the rugs and we never felt rushed. He was really accommodating! In total, we probably spent about over 4 hours doing the workshop on the smaller sized rugs. He gave us tips on how we can improve our rugs before we finished them.

Overall the experience was so worth for the price point compared to other workshops I’ve seen in the Bay Area! And since it was such an intimate setting, he also served us tea throughout our session. I highly recommend Mr Scientist if you’re looking for someone who is attentive, friendly, patient, and fun to work with!

Michael Kross Dec 2023

It was a super interesting and creative experience Everything was well organized, the easy to use tools were enough for me to create my own rug tufting art. Mr. Scientist was very knowledgeable and friendly, offering us personalized guidance :) I highly recommend it to everyone, I will come again! Thank you Kadir

Textiles class review by Michael Kross - San Francisco

Michael Araula Dec 2023

Wonderful experience with Mr. Scientist He was an amazing host and instructor. He guided us every step and was very patient. It was a great space to work in and he made us feel at home. I would definitely come back to do another class! 10/10

Rebecca Jones Dec 2023

I can't say enough good about this class Everyone thinking about signing up do it! The instructor was so so kind and made the entire experience fun. I have done so many classes and this is by FAR the best craft class done to date Plus I LOVE the rug I got at the end :).

Florence Tang Dec 2023

Mr. Scientist's tufting class was a creative escape! Everything was organized and ready to go, making it easy to jump in and embrace the fluffy fun. The teacher was fantastic, guiding us with enthusiasm and helpful tips. If you're looking for something unique and enjoyable to do as a group, this is it! You might just walk away with a new yarn obsession. Though we ran out of time, Mr. Scientist helped us finish gluing our pieces, and they were ready to pick up the next day! Huge thanks, Mr. Scientist!

Kevin Flinn Dec 2023

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

A great experience with a kind and patient teacher! Class was fun and my 5 year old nephew loves it as a completed gift.

Kiana Pontrelli Dec 2023

This was such a cool project and a fun class! Our instructor, Kadir, was very friendly, open, knowledgeable, and clearly passionate about what he does. We opted for the magnetic levitation clouds, which were definitely worth it! It looks magical when you turn off the lights and watch it float.

DIY Clouds at Home: Floating Dreams review by Kiana Pontrelli

Neela Sodhi Dec 2023

We had a great time. Mr. scientist is very knowledgeable and helpful. We love our terrarium. I really amazing class.

Stacy Schmidt Dec 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Class was so fun! Very pleased with the class content and the kit that was provided! Thank you for such a fun experience

Terrarium class review by Stacy Schmidt

Abishua Abraham Dec 2023

Fun and insightful experience! This class was personal and tailored to our interests. If you love plants, science, or are just curious about terrariums, this is a perfect class to get you started! Loved the little snippets of videos and trivia on the history and art of terrariums!

Abishua Abraham Dec 2023

Just amazing! I learned so much and I loved how personal the experience was! Kudos to Mr.Scientist for hosting a fun experience :)

Kani Chan Nov 2023

Me and my girls had a fantastic time here. Very intimate and hospitable. He offered us both coffee and tea and was very welcoming. All the material are provided by Mr.Scientist. We would probably be interested in his other classes as well for the future.

Nisha Choughule Oct 2023

Our team had a wonderful time making the moss wall art. The instructor was fun and super helpful.

Evon Tran Oct 2023

I would like to say than you the teacher for a great time.
My team loves the workshop and we had a good time together.
The workshop is simple and fun which is good for everyone at any levels.
We will definitely rebook in the future.

Isaac Oraz Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This experience was amazing! Mr. Scientist mixed science and craft; He touched the magnetism, gravity and levitation without being boring. That was actually cool :) The kit was impressive and well designed. Mr. Scientist made learning fun. The levitating terrarium was so fun to make and sparked my interest in botany. Perfect for plant lovers and those who miss the magic of art and science!

Victoria Oraz Oct 2023

10/10 experience! Mr. Scientist was professional and welcoming. This was perfect for escaping work life and relieving stress. Ideal for dating, making friends and personal care. The levitating terrarium was a super fun to make and I would love to participate again! Love mine, it turned out great! I will be back.

Michael Kross Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

My girlfriend surprised me with the levitating terrarium experience, and it turned out to be a delightful surprise! The kit, setting was beautiful, adding to the fantastic science and art. We had a blast creating our unique terrariums and will absolutely recommend it to our friends!

Danny Lopez Oct 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Woww This floating terrarium is a captivating experience, merging science and art. The kit included everything perfectly :) magnetic levitation base, succulents, premium soil, moss well packaged. Mr. Scientist explained the science behind magnetic levitation and terrarium, making it an educational delight. Crafting my levitating terrarium was both fun and informative, sparking a deeper interest in botany. Perfect for plant enthusiasts and those seeking a blend of creativity and science! Balancing the terrarium was the most exciting and enjoyable part of the experience!

Aditi Srinivas Oct 2023

This class was awesome! I booked a private class with Mr. Scientist for a corporate team building event. We had a great time learning about these closed ecosystems and we also got to take home beautiful terrariums. I highly recommend this class!

Sarah Kasch Jul 2023

Our instructor was phenomenal! He kept us engaged, the kits are perfect, and it was a really fun way to spend time with our team. Great attention to detail, and really well designed.

DIY Closed Terrarium review by Sarah Kasch

Joanne Wiggins Jul 2023

Nur was very personable and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the class very much! And I have enough materials leftover to make another terrarium.

Terrarium class review by Joanne Wiggins

Lorna Nguyen Jul 2023

Nur was a great instructor! I appreciated all of the facts and knowledge about terrariums he shared with me and found them all to be genuinely interesting. He was very patient, kind, and encouraging while showing me how to build my own terrarium :) Highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fun class to take from home!

Terrarium class review by Lorna Nguyen

Rahel Knight Jun 2023

This class was fantastic! The terrariums came out very cute and my sister and I had a great time. Thank you!

Terrarium class review by Rahel Knight

Jessica McCrocklin Jun 2023

My kids enjoyed this class tremendously! It was very informative and he took time to answer each of my childen's questions. Thank you!

DIY Closed Terrarium review by Jessica McCrocklin

Savannah Jan 2023

This class was wonderful, engaging, and hands-on. We were provided with everything we needed to make a decent-sized terrarium. Our instructor was so kind and passionate about what he teaches. He started by giving us a little history of terrariums, explained how they worked, and then we dove in. I'm very happy with this class!

Savannah Christiansen Jan 2023

This was a really fun activity. My wife and I really enjoyed the activity and our terrariums look super cute

Terrarium class review by Savannah Christiansen - San Francisco

Rachel Brotman Jan 2023

Really enjoyed learning more about something that I had zero knowledge about before.

Debbie Mancuso Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I really enjoyed the Closed Terrarium class! Took the class with my bestie. Our class was outdoors in a lovely park, set up on a table under oak trees. The ambiance added to the experience. We learned about the history and science behind terrariums, and then combined materials to make our own terrarium in a really cute jar. All the materials were well-organized and seemed high-quality. We even got a string of fairy lights to put in our terrariums which made it into a festive holiday decor. We also got to meet two other students who were both kind and friendly. Abdulkadir was a great teacher, and very knowledgeable about terrariums and plants. This is the second class we have taken with him, and I would definitely recommend his classes. I also think this would be a really fun team-building activity to do with a work team.

Terrarium class review by Debbie Mancuso - San Francisco

Christine Klusas Dec 2022

We really enjoyed the class! The instructor was amazing! I highly recommend taking the class! :)

Marci Sunderland Dec 2022

Such a fun workshop for our team! Thank you for a great team building experience!

Kan Dong Dec 2022

The instructor was very nice, friendly and informative. Our team had a great time. Highly recommended.

Make a Terrarium Ornament review by Kan Dong

Allison Gordon Dec 2022

The team had a wonderful time at the class! Abdulkadir was a great and lively teacher, it was a perfect activity, and a lovely time together.

Peter Nee Dec 2022

Mr. Botanist was awesome! I had scheduled a class for my GFs birthday for a group of 8 (we are ~30 years old) and we all had an amazing time. It was fun, educational, and Mr. Botanist was so accommodating. Honestly I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested

Josh Leung Dec 2022

Mr Botanist was a wonderful booking! He was very responsive and more than accommodating to do a hybrid in person + virtual lesson for my team of 30. The class went well, and everyone seemed to enjoy making their terrarium. Would recommend to a friend to book!

Terrarium class review by Josh Leung - San Francisco

Priyanka Nagaraju Dec 2022

I loved the entire session. Mr Botonist was very friendly and explained everything in detail. He gave us everything you need for a beginner class and mosses were really fresh. Enjoyed the coffee too. I highly recommend this class.

Terrarium class review by Priyanka Nagaraju - San Francisco

Deborah Kelson Dec 2022

Mr. Botanist clearly loves plants and shared his terrarium knowledge with us. It was the perfect blend of learning and hands-on doing. Highly, highly recommend as an earth-friendly project.

DIY Closed Terrarium review by Deborah Kelson

Jim Cullison Dec 2022

Had a great time making a terrarium! Our host was fun to chat with!

Marco Iacono Dec 2022

We had a blast making closed terrariums today. Our host was friendly, informative, and passionate about plants. It also was inspiring to hear about his research into growing plants in space. Would recommend this class for sure!

Chris Parker Dec 2022

Great, fun, educational experience.

Daniel Shteremberg Dec 2022

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Our team had the most wonderful time in Mr. Botanist’s terrarium building class. He generously shared his love of plants and the history of terrariums. It was the perfect mix of learning and hands-on fun.

Jachelle Nov 2022

Abdulkadir provided everything we could possibly need to complete our terrarium, and even gave us extra materials for a second terrarium. He was patient and waited for everyone to be on the same page before moving forward. Everyone was able to follow his easy instructions and we all had beautiful terrariums by the end of the class. Abdulkadir even gave us Turkish delights as a little treat and I thought that was really nice of him. Overall, would recommend his class to anyone! 10 out of 10!

DIY Closed Terrarium review by Jachelle

Martina Lam Nov 2022

Amazing class for our leadership offsite. Abdul was very accommodating, make great jokes, and taught us a lot about plants. We've never had a class like this before and will def recommend this to anyone looking for a unique experience.

Kjersten Elias Nov 2022

This was a well run workshop. Kadir was friendly and entertaining. He had background music and icebreakers and fun facts about plants and trivia questions with prizes. Our team had a great time setting up our terrariums and he had a lot of decorations to choose from to make them even more personalized. 10/10 would recommend.

Angela Yang Oct 2022

Was a bit hard to find the class because we didn’t have the full address but the teacher was super nice and welcoming. He had a amazing and clean space for us and helped guide us each step. We had access to so much stuff and he helped us make our moss art even more beautiful. We got a peak into his culture while we enjoyed Turkish coffee and Turkish delights. It was An amazing class. I really enjoyed myself and we will be back for more classes!

Moss Wall Art Workshop review by Angela Yang - San Francisco

Michelle Oct 2022

This class was so much fun! Abdulkadir is super friendly and knowledgeable, and has so much passion for plants. He finds the moss himself and he provides so many different varieties, as well as all kinds of decorations. I love my moss wall art and I can't stop looking at it :). The class was held in his apartment (we had a group of 4 people) and he was a great host; he showed us all his terrarium materials and he treated us to Turkish coffee and Turkish delight. I had a great time and would highly recommend it!

Kokedama class review by Michelle  - San Francisco

Everest Damaschino Oct 2022

He did a fantastic job! Was entertaining and informative, we learned a lot and had fun while doing so. All materials provided by him were excellent and made for a great experience. Would recommended to all co-workers and friends.

Closed Terrarium Class review by Everest Damaschino - San Francisco

Kayla Newton Oct 2022

Abdulkadir was amazing - full of energy and extremely nice! There is no doubt of his passion for plants and the environment. Went above and beyond with our group function and would highly recommend! 10/10 would rebook.

Melissa Deveikis Oct 2022

What a great class! Abdulkadir was a great host and made the class fun and interesting. He kept the Zoom lively and interactive and I really enjoyed how he fused both science and art together. Would definitely recommend!

Herb Williams-Dalgart Oct 2022

Facilitator was great - high energy, educational and fun!

Tanya Roland Oct 2022

Instructor was great! Positive energy. Fun experience.

Corey Buchillon Sep 2022

Abdulkadir was an incredible teacher! He really got us excited to build with his story telling and science based presentation at the beginning. very engaging.

Abdul didnt just take us through building, he made it so that we understand why we were building the terrariums this way and how they worked. Overall a very entertaining class. Loved that he sources some of the plants from his surroundings!

Leah Li Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

My husband gifted me this experience for our anniversary. I think it’s totally worth it. We had so much fun making our terrarium, it’s unique and beautiful to display in our home. The package was prepared very professionally, it has everything you need with some little surprises. If you want to have a unique workshop experience, I highly recommend this!

Ahmet Noyan Sep 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

I have joined this experience with my wife. I loved my sustainable terrarium. It looks gorgeous. It is a great activity for families. %100 enjoyable. Do not hesitate to book.

Gabbie Sep 2022

The host was great, and it was an amazing opportunity to bond with my team!

DIY Closed Terrarium review by Gabbie

Polly Lenihan Sep 2022

Mr. Botanist was amazing He led such a fun session that was just the right vibe for our group and the terrariums were beautiful. I wish I could give it more stars

Jill Ginsberg Sep 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Mr. Botanist was a great teacher, provided interesting facts and I loved the lights he sent too!

Ya-Wen Lu Sep 2022

Kadir led a private Terrarium Class for our team building activity. It was a fantastic experience for our group of 15. He started off with an introduction to the history of terrariums and then went into the science behind a closed terrarium. Kadir's love for plants and nature was obvious and was clearly reflected in his enthusiasm to teach and share this wonderful experience with all of us. He was courteous, on time, and made set up and take down a smooth process. I would highly recommend Kadir's Closed Terrarium Class!

Terrarium class review by Ya-Wen Lu - San Francisco

Desiree Elsharif Aug 2022

Great fun! Lots of information, hands-on experience and enjoyable team event. Thank you so much

Tim Moore Aug 2022

Great experience with our group of 7. Kept the class active with questions, facts of closed terrarium experiments, and pointers to keep our plants healthy.

Totally recommend this to anyone who is interested.

Closed Terrarium Class review by Tim Moore - San Francisco

Ramya Chitibomma Aug 2022

I oragined this class for an intern event and all the interns enjoyed it a lot! Kadir came into the class with a lot of knowledge and really tried to engage with the class. The terrarium we build was very cool and Kadir gave us good instructions on how to build it and take care of it after.

Ben Bickle Aug 2022

It was a fun experience and nice way to wind down from work.

Yang Zhang Jul 2022

Its a great learning and fun workshop. Even though i didnt receive the kit yet. Still managed to do it with my kitchen and backyard supplies.

Justin Shum Jul 2022

Great experience. Had tons of fun and super informative!

Walter Ferrell Jul 2022

Abdulkadir was a great instructor and provides lots of interesting facts during the class.

Mark Levy Jul 2022

Our teacher, Nurullah (Abdulkadir's brother) was amazing. He facilitated a fun and interactive class/workshop for our group of 31 in our office. He provided all the materials, and including sensors for a few lucky participants. It seems that everyone overall had a great experience not only building terrariums but also learning about their history, the science behind their design as well as practical applications. Overall this experience was a great value, and I would love to it again.

Wendy Blumenschein Jul 2022

Kadir led us in a teambuilding event for 22 people. He has a lot of knowledge and a friendly easy-going nature that makes the experience fun for all. Our group tends to be fairly quiet, but this event had everyone talking, asking questions, and interacting with one another. We had a great time!

On the organizational side, Kadir was very flexible with location and timing. Planning this event was very easy. Would highly recommend for anyone wanting to do a fun team building event!

Katherine Binder Jul 2022

An incredible instructor who was passionate about his work, thoughtful about how to cater the experience to our group, and clear in his communication. Our group left with an interest in terrariums and an incredibly beautiful keepsake.

Thank you, Mr. Botanist!

Closed Terrarium Class review by Katherine Binder - San Francisco

Milena Gary Jul 2022

This class was interesting, relaxing, and informative. My team and I had so much fun and our teacher, Abdulkadir, was very nice and funny. I'm so excited to watch my terrarium grow! Thank you Abdulkadir for a wonderful experience!

Colton Western Jul 2022

This was a fun class! I’d 100% recommend taking it especially if you or someone you know have a green thumb. Kadir was a great teacher and his knowledge of the history and science behind terrariums made it that much more fun. My girlfriend and I are excited to have our own terrariums to take care of now, thanks Kadir!

Terrarium class review by Colton Western - San Francisco

Melissa Baxter Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Kadir was an incredible, friendly and extremely knowledgeable instructor. He had all the supplies, if not extra and even gave us bonus supplies plus the experience was educational. He knew so much about plants, he really engaged with us and offered suggestions. I can’t wait to do another class with him once my girlfriends are back in town.

Closed Terrarium Class review by Melissa Baxter - San Francisco

Sara Wang Jun 2022

Great teacher. Clear. Personable. We had so much fun and made such cute products! Thank you!

Jennie May 2022

My wife and daughter had a great time and learned a lot.
Wonderful mother/daughter time out.

She-Rene May 2022

Mr. Botanist brought a lot of positive energy and passion to our terrarium event. Our team of 20 had a fun time and shared lots of laughs and good vibes.

Josh Assad May 2022

This project was very satisfying to put together, and sharing the time with our team made it even better!

Mr Botanist was a lot of fun and a great facilitator.

I love that I have this terrarium as a keep sake to take care of going forward too!

DIY Closed Terrarium review by Josh Assad

Sharon Huang May 2022

Kadir was incredibly friendly and accommodating. He took the time to get to know each of us and creating an environment for us to get to know other participants in the public class.

He came fully prepared with everything we needed…and more! The class was educational, hands-on, and so much fun. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a fun activity for date or family outing.

We learned the history of terrarium, the science on how different parts of the terrarium work, and different types of terrariums. We had an amazing time with Kadir and will absolutely be taking his class again in the future. Thank you for such a wonderful experience, Kadir!

Terrarium class review by Sharon Huang - San Francisco

David Wang Apr 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Amazing, interactive, and educative class! Mr. Botanist was a very friendly, great instructor and we had so much fun making our custom terrariums. Highly recommended!

Closed Terrarium Class review by David Wang - San Francisco

Arlene Esquivias Apr 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Abdulkadir Gokdogan did an amazing job teaching this terrarium workshop. He was very informative and patient with all the employees who participated. We will be using his services again!

Closed Terrarium Class review by Arlene Esquivias - San Francisco

Kevin Duong Apr 2022

Fun experience for my team. We got the get up and personal with the fresh supplies that Mr. Botanist sent over. When you receive the kit and open it, you can smell the outdoors and nature. While take the class, we were taught the history and got to create a fun terrarium. The team enjoyed this activity and had lots of thought-provoking questions. Would recommend for the those interested in nature, gardening, or learning about plants!

Sourav Dey Apr 2022

This was awesome! Learnt a lot about plants and terrarium and fun to create one!

Terrarium class review by Sourav Dey

Marcelle Downs Mar 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Mr. Botanist is amazing! I loved the step by step instruction and he made it and educational and enjoyable time for everyone involved! Highly recommend!

David Weinberger Mar 2022

Great host and very interesting class. We were a large group but it still felt like a small and intimate experience. The entire group had a lot of fun and enjoyed building something that they can keep for many years to come.

Lizhi Fan Mar 2022

Thank you so much for your extensive plant knowledge.
My team and I had a great time.
Everything we needed was sent in a timely manner and completely included in the package that was provided. Well organized!

Kazuko Takahashi Mar 2022

The instructor was very friendly approachable, and enthusiastic, and help everyone to engage and enjoy the activity. It was nice to learn the history of terrarium and eco-system too. I would encourage everyone who likes or does not have green thumbs. This class was also soothing to touch the soils under the sun.

Closed Terrarium Class review by Kazuko Takahashi - San Francisco

Jeff Blackman Mar 2022

Mr Botanist was a great teacher - his passion for plants and teaching evident in the way he conducted our private class. The materials he sent arrived on time and actually contained a bit extra to use on a future terrarium project. Even with some technical snafus (our fault) he was unflappable and our coworker group had a great - and have a cool terrarium to show for it. (And now I'm able to understand how and why to keep it thriving). Highly recommended.

DIY Closed Terrarium review by Jeff Blackman

Curt Budd Feb 2022

Fun and educational! This was great. My team and I had fun with this activity.

Dovid Wiener Feb 2022

Nice guy knowledgeable cool experience, I am now more interested in self sustaining ecosystems and will continue in this path

Naman Bhargava Feb 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I had an amazing time participating in this class. It was so much fun. The instructor was great. Thank you!

Andy Shum Feb 2022

Very good teacher and fun. Great educational experience and helpful with building your terrarium. Kadir is really attentive to each student even though it is a group class and you can tell that he gives his all. He encourages creativity and is genuinely interested in ideas. Provides all the supplies you need and generous with the materials. Don’t hesitate! Also the park was a beautiful place for the class.

Hope Blaythorne Jan 2022

Dr Botanist was knowledgeable and helpful and supported a fun work event, we had a good time!

Sid King Jan 2022

Abdulkadir was a wonderful host and teacher! He provided a good mix of history, science, and hands on instructions. He involved all participants and was very cheerful, personable, and enjoyable. The terrariums came out great!

Brett Bejcek Jan 2022

It was such a great experience. Our whole team had such a blast and we were so impressed by Abdulkadir! Cannot recommend enough

Deborah Kletch Jan 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This was a great experience. Enough science and history to understand how it works and why the idea came about. It was so fun designing my own terrarium and I can't wait to watch it grow. The instructor was patient and knowledgeable and I will take another class from him in the future.

Cortney Quandt Dec 2021

I bought this class for my mother in law and kids to complete together. Mr Botanist was very engaging and made this a class a fun experience for our group. Highly recommend!

Carmella Cocchiola Dec 2021

Abdulkadir provided a lovely experience that included some history, some science, and an abundance of charm, wit and enthusiasm for teaching. Thank you!

DIY Closed Terrarium review by Carmella Cocchiola

Sage Norton Dec 2021

My son received this as a Christmas gift. He had been asking for a terrarium for quite a while. I was happy and relieved to find this opportunity; to build one and not just get on already made. The kit package arrived just in time for Christmas and my son was so excited when he opened the package and loved the prospect of making it himself with a lesson. The zoom class was wonderful, my son had all he needed in his kit and getting online with Mr. Botanist was super easy as he sends you a link. My son had a great experience in building his terrarium with Mr. Botanist and has asked me for another one! I may join him on the next one so I can have my own. I highly recommend this class; you will not be disappointed. Abby

Kayla Quock Dec 2021

The Botanist is a great teacher! Super friendly, informative, and gave a surprise musical performance. :)

Mary McPheat Dec 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Mr. Botanist was the best, he was very kind, conversational, educational and funny. We really enjoyed our time with him and look forward to seeing the life of our terrariums!

Liz Tiznado Dec 2021

Mr. Botanist was amazing! We had a good size group and we are very talkative and Mr. Botanist did a great job managing our group and helping create a beautiful terrarium. Thank you for hosting our group!

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