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The Crime Lab was been created and designed by husband, wife team Kate & Steve, Ex-Scotland Yard Detectives.

After leaving the police force, the power team created their amazing crime business.

The Crime Lab bringing crime to life. From interactive online workshops to immersive real-life crime experiences, team building, private events, and more! The sky is the limit with their knowledge and experience.

The team has been working with individuals, companies, for the last 15+ years.

Steve is a forensic psychologist and over the past 2 years, he has delivered Experiences globally and boasts US customers such as Slack, Facebook, Microsoft.

The crime lab experiences range from The Murky World of Psychopaths thru to Virtually Killed - A real true crime scene investigation.




Sheila Johnson Mar 2022

Steve, the lead detective on the case, is both entertaining and knowledgeable! As a former Scotland Yard Detective, he doesn't just fabricate a murder case for the class to solve -- he uses a real-life murder with re-created evidence found at the scene, along with a virtual tour of the re-created murder scene which enables you to move around the scene and see the evidence for yourself. The names have been changed to protect identities, of course, but if you're into True Crime, you're going to love Steve's informative style! He gives you everything you and your team need to solve the case, plus a few red herrings to keep it interesting.

The Crime Lab offers both competitive and cooperative modes, so it's perfect whether you want to have your sales team members compete against each other or your production crew engage in team building. This time, we engaged as a family (would absolutely do it again!), and as a former director of sales and production teams, I know this would be a great team event! Thanks for a memorable experience, Steve!

P.S. We'd share the evidence here to show you the quality, but that's classified Join a class and find out for yourself! ;)

Virtual Escape Room: A Crime Scene Investigation review by Sheila Johnson
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