Custom Candle Making Class

Choose your own scents to make unique DIY candles in San Francisco.

75 mins - 3 hours Class size 1 to 6 (public classes), 12 to 32

label $42 - $95 (price varies across dates)

Indulge in the creative activity of scented candle making, where you will develop your own scent blend and create a one-of-a-kind, truly custom candle you can enjoy in your home or give as a unique gift to someone special.

This hands-on workshop in San Francisco is the ultimate exploration of scent preferences and personalization. You will first peruse a wall of over 80 scented candles to discover which scents appeal to you. Then, with guidance from Moonshot Studio's friendly and knowledgeable staff, you will blend fragrance oils drop by drop to create a completely unique mix for your candle. Create a candle that smells like an evergreen forest, a day at the beach, the perfect spa, a heavenly kitchen, or a type of fruit that only grows in your imagination!

Moonshot Studio candles are made with a soy wax blend, cotton wicks, and premium fragrance oils to be long-lasting, clean burning, and true to scent. All workshop participants select their own 8.5 oz. jar from among six color options: frosted white, dark blue, teal, amber, black and green.

Perfect for team building activities and company offsites, birthday parties, bridal showers and other group socializing events, this candle making class is a chance to unplug, play, and embrace your sense of smell.

Candles require 90 minutes of cooling, finishing touches and packaging before they can leave the shop. Students can arrange pickups with the teacher or come back to the shop a little later in the day after enjoying a stroll among the stores and restaurants in Noe Valley’s charming business district.

  • For private evening events students will have to come in the next day to pick up their finished candle during business hours.

Also, the teacher and other staff may take pictures during the event for use for future promotions. Classes and individuals are welcome to opt out – simply inform us if you prefer not to be photographed.

Please Note:
For the private class, you and your party will rent out the whole Moonshot Studio shop and private event space. If you would like to opt instead for a semi-private event at $65 per person, in which the shop will still be open and has a minimum guest requirement of 8 and a max of 28, please inquire using the Contact button located below next to the teacher's bio. Or, enjoy a small-group experience (1-6 people) at our pre-scheduled public dates.

Knowledge required
Perfect for beginners.
What you'll get
A completed custom scent-blended 7.5 oz candle.
What to bring
No requirements.
Suitable for

This class is great for individuals and couples as well as for a team building activity, birthday or bachelorette party.

This would also be a nice gift for her, gift for mom, anniversary gift, Father's Day gift or birthday gift.


4066 24th Street, San Francisco, CA

Your teacher
Moonshot Studio
Moonshot Studio

4.9 (42)

Welcome to Moonshot Studio
Moonshot Studio is a haven for your sense of smell and an inspirational spot to create your own signature fragrance blends in a fun process of “scentsory” discovery. Whether you make one candle or a range of custom-scented home and body products, the activity of choosing from among 80+ fragrances, blending your favorites into a personal fragrance medley and mixing the scentsational blend into a product of your choice is simple, entertaining and results in affordably luxurious items to treasure in your home and on your body.

Blending fragrances is an innovative experience enjoyed by people of a wide variety of ages, abilities and interests. Whether you come in with your child, your spouse, your date, your parent, your bestie, your friend group or as a solo fragrance adventurer, the selection and blending experience creates lasting memories.

Verified reviews

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Corinne Pignatelli May 2023

Theresa (owner/instructor) was amazing and very informative. We blended our own scent which we selected from a choice of 81 scents, to creat a fabulous candle. Will definitely go back for one of the other classes.

Fernanda Garcia May 2023

We loved the experience there. The place was super cute and Teresa, the owner, was very sweet. It was a great

Gretchen Bringas May 2023

Teresa was an amazing host and teacher. Gave her a call about being late and she was very accommodating and grateful. Once we got to the class she caught us up and explained candle making and the different parts quite well. When it came to mixing the scents she was helpful with her own sense of smell and experience to lead us to pleasant aromas.

Amy Morgan Apr 2023

Fun Sunday afternoon activity! Beautiful space and a kind and helpful instructor. Highly recommend. Would be a great mother's day gift.

Nyla Flores Apr 2023

Lots of fun! Made an epic candle! Three scent mixing is a special experience. Recommend!

Arie Pramono Apr 2023

Our instructor was very supportive, and very clear with the directions. They allowed us ample guidance and time for us to figure out the perfect scents for our candles.

This process was very simple, and yet very fun due to the fun of smelling and combining different scents together.

The entire team at Moonshot was very kind and hospitable. I would love to do it again and create a different candle!

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Twinkle Khanna Apr 2023

The instructor was absolutely amazing and so knowledgeable. The venue was very clean, nice, and had a cozy feel to it, not to miss it smelled amazing in there.
The materials needed for this class were provided, all of them were top quality. The experience was definitely good value for money. I learnt so much about the candle making process, definitely planning to go there again.

Judy Denegri Apr 2023

Teresa was great! Had a nice variety of scents! I enjoyed the scent blending process. I would definitely try another class there.

Custom Candle Making Class review by Judy Denegri - San Francisco

Marina Clotas Apr 2023

Me and my sister really enjoyed it. We had a great teacher and the workshop provided plenty of scents to work. Very nice experience and happy with the results

Reisel Berger Apr 2023

Really fun class. The teacher was very knowledgeable and was clearly passionate about what she does! All the needed materials are provided and you can go at a pace that works for you. Definitely recommend!

Frank Zheng Mar 2023

We had such a great time! Teresa was very knowledgeable and there were so many different oils to mix and match. 10/10 experience

Teresa Roberts Mar 2023

In a gorgeous spot, my friend and I had the greatest time—AND we made amazing smelling candles of our own making. It couldn't have been better. Teresa was knowledgeable and taught us so much about scent and candles. Kudos!

Sheri Stith Feb 2023

We had soooo much fun Birthday for my daughter. Thank you so much Teresa I will referred
my friends.

Sebastian Daly Feb 2023

Had a lot of fun at this candle making class. Would highly recommend as a great date night activity

Candle Making class review by Sebastian Daly - San Francisco

Karan Pahawa Feb 2023

This was a fantastic class we did on valentine's day and it was such a fun and interesting experience!

Akhil Ramanadham Feb 2023

This was an awesome experience - a great idea for a date night or an activity to do with kids / family.

The make your own candle process starts with you smelling a bunch of different candle scents to determine which ones you like. You'll then starting combining scents to figure out which combinations work best for you. Lastly, you'll create your final scent concoction that is mixed with hot wax to create your own candle. Super fun!

Stephon Allen Feb 2023

The overall class was amazing. The shop owner was super helpful and accommodated anyone who was running behind. The studio was super quant and adorable. Will definitely be coming back.

Tatyana Vega Feb 2023

We had the best time making candles and learning of all the steps and the Ingredients needed to make a scented candle. So happy to have spent Valentine’s Day creating a special scent!

Candle Making class review by Tatyana Vega - San Francisco

Kansinee Adsanatham Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

A fun experience mixing and creating your own scent. There are so many aroma to choose and play with.

Sindhu Giri Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

A wonderful introductory class! Great for individuals or a team. It was insightful to learn about the candle making process and delve into scent mixing. The instructors at Moonshot Studio are kind and helpful. The studio is also located in lively Noe Valley.

Jamie Rey Jan 2023

Fun quick event. Theresa really took the time to speak about each part of the process of candle making. The flexibility of when to pick up was great. Also the scents were awesome

Taylor Butler Jan 2023

Beautiful venue and lovely instructors! We had a great time! Definitely will do again to make our seasonal candles!

Myra Benito Jan 2023

Theresa is great just hoping she can teach more information about how to make it at home using our own materials. But, I really enjoyed the class, was Fun

Nick Redmond Jan 2023

Teresa was an amazing teacher! The scent options at the shop were expansive and you can really make any combination you want. Easy street parking within walking distance of the shop. Clean, easy, and great value. Highly recommend for candle addicts!

David Go Jan 2023

Really fun class with lots of scents to try. Theresa was very friendly and gave lots of guidance.

Isabelle Sesto Jan 2023

Great class, very nice teachers and a great way to spend my mom’s birthday.

Katy Hoeksema Dec 2022

The class was really fun. The staff was passionate, knowledgeable, and personable. I would %100 recommend this class!

Song Vo Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fun class—the instructor was super nice and we had a lot of smells to choose from! Highly recommend.

Sandra Sary Dec 2022

Very welcoming, informative, and fun. Beautiful setting and high quality materials to work with. Will definitely come back!

Marian Dec 2022

Theresa walked us through the entire process, but also let us figure out what scents we liked together. People were super sweet and helpful. She knew when to come by to walk us through the next steps, but wasn't rushing us through, even though there was also a big group there and they were short staffed. Space was small but well designed; it didn't feel like we were on top of one another.

Elizabeth Nguyen Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Our class was wonderful and the main reason why was because of our amazing teacher Teresa! We had so much fun and this made for the perfect team bonding activity with coworkers. We really enjoyed the aesthetics of the studio as well as the time, knowledge, and patience given to us by Teresa and her husband that day. We did not feel rushed and were given clear instructions and guidance! We would absolutely recommend this class to anyone interested!

Gabriella Zagone Dec 2022

This was my first time using Bento and candle making in general. Needless to say it was AMAZING. From the atmosphere to the teacher to the setup, everything was great! I will definitely be back and will be recommending this to everyone I know!

Candle Making class review by Gabriella Zagone - San Francisco

Briana Menendez Dec 2022

This was a very fun class, I highly recommend it! I learned the fundamentals of candle making, got to choose from 80+ scents to create my own fragrance blend, and went home with a beautiful candle. The instructor was great too, she helped me get my fragrance just right!

Sherian Lutton Nov 2022

So much fun! Georgia was super sweet and energetic when leading our class. I liked that it was only 4 of us and we were able to take our time smelling all the oil options. Definitely worth spending the extra money to take the class and walk away with a custom candle. Would definitely come back to make another!

Custom Candle Making Class review by Sherian Lutton - San Francisco

David Deng Oct 2022

We went in to Moonshot studio and mentioned that I had a reservation but one of the workers thought we were doing a regular session. After that, everything was really weird and confusing. We were able to make candles, however, one of the workers we had did not care at all and had a bad attitude. One of the ladies (she was teaching for reserved spot) was really helpful and informative and we wish we were in her session. The entire process was not very informative and it felt like we were just told what to do. The pros are that the scent and candle both turned out great and the session was interaction. They definitely could have gave the option to add more things to the candle and/or possibly gave the option to pour the hot wax. If you wanted your own custom candle it was much cheaper of $32 to just do a walk-in (they essentially treated us as a walk-in) than do classbento (the lady mentioned classbento was more informative). Overall, an okay time, there is definitely potential but the workers need to be more lively and the candles are decent.

Reply from this teacher:

Thank you for this feedback. I sincerely apologize for this unfortunate and unique situation in which you did not participate in the fuller ClassBento experience that you expected and in which we have always received terrific feedback. You are correct that my staff did not understand that you were attending a ClassBento reservation vs. our regular retail reservation, and therefore did not bring you into the class in which I was leading. To avoid this situation happening again, we will more carefully ask customers about the type of reservation they have before seating them. I'm so pleased that your custom scent-blend and candle turned out great, but I would also like to invite you and a guest back to experience the complete ClassBento class at another time, at my expense. --Teresa (Owner)

Iain Singleton Oct 2022

Excellent experience! We had a fantastic time, the team were extremely helpful and friendly and we had a lot of fun putting together our scents. So many options to choose from and a really nice studio to do it in. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Mijin Yi Sep 2022

This was a team building activity for us and was the perfect event with the right amount of activity plus social time. The host was welcoming and really made sure everyone had a good time. Everyone also really enjoyed making their own scented candles.

Christopher Vu Sep 2022

I went with my girlfriend to try candle-making as I thought it’d be a fun activity to do. We also really love candles so it was a no-brainer. When we got there, we were greeted by Teresa who was our instructor. She allowed us in early and was very pleasant to talk to. She told us a lot of interesting facts about how candles are made, about the ingredients that go into the candle, and taught us how to combine scents to make our own candles. It really was an amazing experience. There were over 80 scents to choose from and she allowed us to experiment freely with what we liked. Whether you like strong earthy smells or soft, delicate floral scents, there really is something for everyone. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who loves candles and good-smelling aromas!

Angelique Mayer Sep 2022

Loved the experience! Great working with out teacher, Teresa! She was knowledgeable on everything and took her time. I learned a lot about candles and would definitely do it again. Ps I texted her to let her know I was running 10 mins late and she was totally cool about it.

Custom Candle Making Class review by Angelique Mayer - San Francisco

Marisa Pereira Jul 2022

Super fun and interactive! The studio was cute and clean. Staff were extremely helpful and accommodating. I love the scent blend I created- SO many options to choose from. There is a small parking lot across the street and plenty of street parking. 10/10 recommend.

Kim Tran Jul 2022

This was my first ClassBento and it was a great time for me and my youth (15 yr old). Moonshot Studio is located in downtown Noe Valley so parking may be a little tricky but we just parked a little further away and walked in. Our instructor (and owner) was Teresa and she was so sweet, enthusiastic, and informative. It look about 1.5 hours for us to complete our candle-making activity, which is a bit longer than the class was supposed to take but Teresa didn't rush us at all. Once completed, Teresa asked us to either return in 90 mins to pick up the finished candles or come back another day (we chose the former). It was a fun activity and I would recommend this class for anyone looking to make their own candles or a personalized gift for someone special!

Tejal Patel May 2022

We loved the class, teacher was very informative. We had a fun time. Would definitely do it again!
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