Custom Scent and Candle Making Class

Learn how to make candle with your own custom scent in NYC!

1.5 hours Class size 1 to 20     label $135

Create Your Own Signature Scent and Candle with Artisane's Founder, Melanie

Step into a realm of unparalleled sensory delight with Artisane's groundbreaking Custom Scent and Candle Experience, where fragrance becomes a personal masterpiece and candles transform into unique stories.

Nestled in the heart of Bryant Park, join us for a 1.30 hour immersive class led by our visionary founder, Melanie, as you craft a signature scent and hand-pour your very own custom scented candle.

Crafting Your Signature Scent:
Begin your adventure surrounded by the enchanting atmosphere of Bryant Park as Melanie guides you through our exclusive scent library. Curated from premium fragrance notes sourced globally, the library is your palette for creating a fragrance that reflects your individuality. From the captivating allure of jasmine to the comforting warmth of vanilla, every note tells a story. With Melanie's expert guidance, you'll select and blend these notes to create a scent uniquely yours.

The Alchemy of Personalized Fragrance:
Witness the magic of scent alchemy under Melanie's skilled instruction as you experiment with various combinations, unlocking the secrets to a perfectly balanced fragrance. Melanie, with her extensive expertise, will help you navigate the nuances of each note, ensuring your blend is a true reflection of your personality and preferences.

Handcrafted Custom Scented Candles:
With your signature scent perfected, transition seamlessly into the candle-making process. Choose from our premium wax and jars options, and under Melanie's attentive eye, watch as your vision comes to life. You will pour and hand-finish your candle, decorating it with our flowers and herbs to personalize it.

Unveiling Your Unique Creation:
As your candle sets, bask in the anticipation of revealing your personalized masterpiece. The flickering flame becomes a storyteller, recounting the chapters of your life through the carefully chosen fragrance notes. Whether you're gifting a loved one or indulging in a treat for yourself, the experience of crafting your own scented candle is a journey you'll cherish every time you light it.

A Gift Beyond the Ordinary:
More than a product, the Custom Scent and Candle Experience is a memory in the making. Perfect for special occasions, team-building events, or a unique date night, this immersive class in the heart of Bryant Park is an unforgettable celebration of individuality and creativity.

Join Melanie in the Heart of Bryant Park:
Immerse yourself in the extraordinary as you discover the art of scent creation and candle crafting with Melanie, Artisane's passionate founder. Elevate your senses, ignite your creativity, and leave with a tangible reminder of the unique story that is exclusively yours. Your olfactory adventure awaits at the crossroads of creativity and luxury in the heart of Bryant Park.

Knowledge required
Perfect for beginners and for couples!
What you'll get
One (1) large candle in a glass jar and will their own custom scent
Suitable for

This class is great for individuals and couples as well as for a team building activity, birthday or bachelorette party.

This would also be a nice gift for her, gift for mom, anniversary gift, Father's Day gift or birthday gift.


Located in Square Wine LIC - 25 West 39th Street, New York, NY

This venue is within walking distance of Court Square Station, Court Sq, Court Sq-23 St, 21 St, Hunters Point Av, Queensboro Plaza and Queens Plaza stations

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Artisane- NYC
Artisane- NYC

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Growing up in the South of France, Artisane NYC owner, Melanie, fell in love with nature and the beauty of experiencing it with all your senses. Smell was the most prominent as she often enjoyed the aromas of fields of lavender, roses, pine, and olive trees as they perfumed her life.

After traveling around, Melanie eventually found herself in New York and fell in love with this wonderful city. It inspires her, encourages her, and allows her to live her dreams. But even though she loves NY, she often finds herself missing home. To relive those wonderful memories of France she fills her home with gorgeous scented candles made from scratch. Now she wants to share this wonderful craft with you!

All candles made by Artisane use high-quality, natural ingredients like soy or coconut wax and phthalate-free fragrances. If you often find scented items to be headache-inducing, then these natural candles can be your solution!

Step into Melanie's world and enjoy a taste of the south of France by making candles in one of her wonderful workshops.

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