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Growing up in Shanghai, my interest in cooking started at a young age. Influenced by my culture and my surroundings, I strives to share my passion of cooking authentic Chinese cuisine with my students.




Alison Fu Jul 2024

If you’re looking for an in-depth introduction to Chinese cooking, this is it! Grace was a wonderful host and teacher who walked us through all of the steps as we made noodles, chili oil, and egg tarts from scratch. We learned a lot, and I can’t wait to cook these recipes again in my own kitchen!

Henrik Lee Jun 2024

Chef Grace was thorough and patient, her stories enjoyable and knowledge very apparent. During downtime in helping to manage everything going on, she is very relaxed and personable.

The kitchen was very well-organized and was highly efficient in use of space, and the dining area was simply and tastefully decorated. I am definitely less intimidated by the prospect of making dough/quick puff pastry now.

The only regret I have is that Chef Grace wasn't able to sit down to eat and talk with us. I understand that with the overhead of this class, she has to manage all of it (cleaning, sorting, timing). That being said, it would have been a treat to be able to have a conversation to get to know her better

Teacher's response

Thank you, Henrik, for your kind words about and the cooking class experience. I hope have the chance to connect with you in the future.

Alison Frame Apr 2024

The occasion was to learn more about traditional Chinese baking. Grace was very welcoming and organized. The food was delicious and it was great to sit down afterwards and share and eat all the baked goods that we made together. I loved how the setting was just in a regular homey kitchen making me realize you don't have to have the best and the newest to bake really really good food! You can just use what you have on hand! And to me, that is sustainable living right there! Thanks Grace for a fun afternoon.

Arthur Wong Mar 2024

It was a fantastic time! Grace was very fun and incredibly knowledgeable! We loved how she explained the history and reason why we added certain ingredients. She was fun to talk to and fostered a fun environment for all participants to get to know each other and have a good time. 10/10 would do again.

Cooking class review by Arthur Wong - Oakland (Bay Area)

Isabel Smith Mar 2024

Grace's cooking class was so much fun! We had a great time learning how to make dan dan noodles and egg tarts (not to mention the most delicious egg tarts I've ever had). We'd definitely come back and would highly recommend this class to others!

Paula Lara-Ruiz Mar 2024

We had such a hands on experience it was soo awesome. A welcoming environment for anyone I recommend taking any class with Grace she is wonderful.

Alex Lucas Feb 2024

Wow So delicious
We will be making dan dan noodles & egg tarts all the time now. Learnt some cool techniques and essential flavors that really make the dishes stand out. Left with 10 tarts, dan dan noodles & a jar full of spicy fragrant chili oil. Make sure you take 2x takeout sized containers and a jam jar for delicious chili oil.

Penelope Huang Feb 2024

Grace was wonderful! Her recipe and instructions were very clear, everything was very hands-on for me, my partner, and our 15-year-old child. We all had a great time and enjoyed a delicious 3-course meal! I would highly recommend Graceful Kitchen.

Bernadette Gates Jan 2024

Grace is so sweet and taught us new techniques. She welcomed us into her home. Thank you!

Brandon Giraldo Jan 2024

Grace was an absolutely amazing host and chef. We had a wonderful time learning how to cook amazing Chinese dishes. Grace was passionate, skilled and knowledgeable about cooking. We enjoyed hearing about her passions and techniques for masterful cooking. Left with plenty of left overs, and references to ingredients used during the class. Would definitely sign up again.

Katherine Stecher Jan 2024

This was a lovely private class in Grace's home. She had everything well prepared and timed, and we enjoyed taste-testing as we went! She readily shared all of her knowledge about the cuisine and cooking techniques. Grace was also very patient with my daughter, which made it an ideal parent-child activity!

Anna Trinh Dec 2023

Grace’s cooking class was such a joy to participate in and incredibly unique. She was patient with teaching and hands on with each participant & their needs. She also taught us a lot about the culture and background of the dishes. All of the courses were delicious. I would highly recommend taking her class! You’ll take away new cooking skills and have a great time.

Braden Pells Dec 2023

Grace hosted us for a cooking class at her home, and it was a great way to spend my birthday! She was very accommodating, allowing us to add one additional person pretty late notice. I learned a lot at the class about typical Chinese ingredients and techniques, and the food was delicious. This was a very participatory class, which I loved, so be prepared to get your hands in there!

Cooking Class: Vegan Chinese Classics review by Braden Pells - Oakland (Bay Area)

Sophie Marinoff Dec 2023

I bought this class as a gift for my parents, and they had a great experience! They said the dishes were delicious, the teacher was informative and engaging, and they had leftovers to bring home with them. They loved their experience, and would definitely recommend to others!

Katherine Achterman Dec 2023

Grace was fantastic! Absolutely loved this class. She is super knowledgeable, talented, and skilled at teaching. The food was delicious

Michael Ju Nov 2023

This was the first time that my partner and I had done a private cooking class, but Grace made us feel very comfortable in her house. I felt like I was just cooking a meal with a friend. The class was super well-prepared, with all ingredients and utensils ready for us. We finished in exactly 3 hours. The food was so delicious too! I was very pleasantly surprised to learn how to make high-quality egg tarts in such a short amount of time. I highly recommend Grace for anyone looking for an instructive and fun cooking experience!

Teacher's response

Thank you, Michael, for your fantastic review! I appreciate your recommendation and look forward to welcoming you back for another advanced and fun cooking experience again!

Douglas Oct 2023

Grace was a great teacher. I could tell that she was paying close attention to my cooking and prep techniques and gently guided me on how to improve while leaving me room to make mistakes and learn. Being a cooking professional herself, she shared a lot of interesting knowledge on how Michelin restaurants prep efficiently and bring out the best flavors in ingredients. I will definitely be using her tips when I cook at home!

She is also just a generally cool person. She has a DIY spirit with many homemade ingredients, such as fermented tea leaf, Sriracha, and black garlic (all of which tasted amazing). You can tell that she is very passionate about food, cooking, and diverse cuisine, not just Chinese, including European, Mediterranean, and Southeast Asian. I would love to learn other cuisines from her in the future!

And most importantly, everything we cooked was delicious - a perfect balance of salty, sweet, sour, umami, and spicy with contrasting textures and aromas in every bite. In such a short amount of time, I learned so much about not only cooking but also how to live passionately. I definitely would recommend her to my friends and plan to come back again. Thanks Grace!

Kyle Merritt Oct 2023

Such a wonderful hands on experience. Grace really takes the time to explain things and we felt super comfortable in her kitchen. Thanks again for the wonderful night and delicious food.

Joyce Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We had such a great time with Grace! She’s so sweet and so knowledgeable! She not only teaches you how to cook, but gives you a full experience and Chinese immersion. We made noodles from scratch for the first time ever and will always cherish this memory with Grace.
Will definitely reach out again for more classes!

Zahra Poonevala Oct 2023

We had a great time - the whole experience is amazing. We loved how the class was taught and it felt so homely. The food was amazing and we would highly recommend this to anyone!

Casey Fritz Aug 2023

We enjoyed the class very much and learned some cool new techniques! My only point of feedback would be to do the class from 5pm-8pm rather than 6pm-9pm, as the food wasn’t finished until 8:45pm and we felt rushed to get home on a Sunday night. Otherwise we enjoyed the class!

Teacher's response

Thank you, Casey, for your positive feedback! We are thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the class and learned new techniques. We appreciate your suggestion regarding the timing and will definitely consider adjusting it to ensure a more relaxed and timely experience for our students, especially on Sunday evenings. We look forward to having you again in our future classes!

Nathalie Valle Aug 2023

Today was such an amazing experience! I had a lot of fun and found Grace's instructions very easy to follow because she took things one step at a time. I now have newfound confidence in the kitchen and can't wait to learn more dishes. The ingredients and kitchen environment were also of top quality. Highly recommend everyone to give it a try

Jennifer Lauter Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We had a wonderful time cooking with Grace! It was such a special evening. Grace taught us some unique Chinese pastry recipes that were all so delicious, we really enjoyed it. Hope to do it again sometime!

Traditional Chinese Pastry Class review by Jennifer Lauter - Oakland (Bay Area)

Bill Wong Jul 2023

Grace was an excellent host and teacher! I loved how hands-on the class was. She is knowledgeable, warm, and very accommodating. And the food was absolutely delicious—I didn’t know you could make such flaky pastry in two hours. Grace gave explained each step of the three recipes as we were doing them. Highly recommend this class!

Abigail Ilagan Jul 2023

The teacher was authentic and attentive. Also set us up for success. A great ethnic experience. Also learned baking tips since I’m a beginner

Cooking class review by Abigail Ilagan - Oakland (Bay Area)

Ryan Liang Jul 2023

Great experience and would definitely recommend for people who are interested in learning how to cook Chinese cuisine! Grace was very knowledgeable and provided a lot of guidance on how to prepare our dishes. The food we made was delicious and I will be recommending this experience to friends and family.

Benjamin King Jun 2023

The food was amazing and Grace was a great teacher, we had a wonderful time!

Rebecca Rhoades May 2023

Grace is a wonderful teacher and host! She did a great job preparing a tasty menu for us to cook, and gave great tips on cooking (not just our meal but many meals!) along the way. Would highly recommend her classes for all skills!

Arjun Desai May 2023

Grace was a great teacher and walked us through the history of the dishes we were making

Isabella Sewell Apr 2023

Loved this class My husband and I were a little nervous going into this class but Grace was very welcoming and friendly! It was a comfortable environment to learn in and we really enjoyed cooking with Grace! Highly recommend anyone looking to make any desserts/dumplings (or really anything, Grace is an awesome cook)! Thank you for an amazing time and helping me and my husband make some great food! :)

Jody Lerner Apr 2023

Teacher was well prepared both with the thought she put into the menu as well as assembling all the ingredients and equipment. She was generous with her time, knowledge, and care.

David Tze Mar 2023

We had a wonderful time at Chef Grace’s cooking class. She was friendly and knowledgeable. She taught us how to make dan dan noodles, hot and sour soup, and egg custard pastries from scratch. Her home kitchen was clean and serviceable, with all the equipment and ingredients we needed. The class a good value and, of course, we got to enjoy our delicious creations at the end. I learned a number of new skills and tips that I can use at home. Very excited to be able to make fresh Chinese pasta with a Sichuan kick anytime, now!

Jonny Zients Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We had an amazing Saturday afternoon cooking lesson with Chef Grace. Chef Grace kindly welcomed us into her home and taught us how to cook three delicious dishes. It was a pleasure getting to know Chef Grace. We had so much fun and look forward to practicing the recipes and cooking tips that Chef Grace taught us! Highly recommend.

Chris Feb 2023

We had a great experience. The dishes we learned to cook all used readily available ingredients. The recipes were pretty straight forward and the end products were exceptional. These are all things we will cook at home but never would have thought of before this class. The sticky rice deserts were really unique and tasty, the egg tarts were delicious and the won tons will be a staple in our dinner rotation. We were very happy with the whole experience and would recommend this class for sure!

Cooking class review by Chris  - Oakland (Bay Area)

Puja Kumar Feb 2023

Grace was an amazing teacher and was very patient. She explained every part of the process and gave so many helpful tips. She was very accommodating and made the whole process very easy. The food turned out amazing and she even gave me complimentary take-home boxes for all of the food. I will definitely be attending her classes again! It was truly a wonderful experience.

Mia Jeffery Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

My sister and I booked this class for us and our dad as a Christmas gift for him. It was a great gift for a hard to shop for person. We got to spend time together and learn at the same time! Grace was a great teacher and host. 10/10 would book again.

Gt Tanisawa Oct 2022

I highly recommend Grace's class. The food was delicious, and the experience was super fun. Grace was so patient, and provided great instructions and explanations. And she even accommodated our vegetarian and gluten-free requests. We had a great time all around.

Tiffany Liu Oct 2022

Grace was incredibly sweet and well prepared. She was very accommodating when I had to change my initial reservation and then she texted us with some additional things to bring (like tupperware and drinks) if we wanted.

While we cooked she taught us techniques and history for each of the dishes.All of the ingredients were meticulously prepared. The equipment was all so great too. I could tell she was passionate about cooking and I learned so much.

It was an incredible and unique experience.

Cooking class review by Tiffany Liu - Oakland (Bay Area)

Kaley Wade Oct 2022

The teacher was great and the food was amazing! Such a fun experience. Would love to go again!

Nathan Hagen Sep 2022

The teacher was very knowledgable - lots of good information on techniques and ingredients - and the food was great!

Andrew Wooler Sep 2022

It was an awesome experience and really good food! Thank you for having us both!

Dana Eaton Aug 2022

The meal was amazing and the teacher did a great job making it fun and instructive. Highly recommend

Seaon Shin Jun 2022

Grace is very knowledgeable, thoughtful and friendly. She shares recipes but then provides guidance that’s hard to get from written instruction. It was SO MUCH FOOD and it was honestly some of the best Chinese food we’ve had!

Patricia Li Mar 2022

We had a fantastic time cooking with Grace! Not only did we learn to make a delicious, healthy meal, we also learned so much about the ingredients we used, as well as best practices and cooking techniques. This helped us understand how to expand the recipes and customize and experiment with the food in the future. Grace was fun, knowledgeable, and a fantastic teacher!

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