Hand Building Ceramics Workshop

Get down to the nitty gritty of hand building out of clay with this ceramics workshop in Venice.

Ceramic Social
Ceramic Social
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3 hours Class size 1 to 5     label $75
If you dream of making something out of clay with your hands, this class with Ceramic Social in Venice will teach you the fundamentals of hand building ceramics.
You will learn the basic methods of building ceramic pieces using pinch pots, coils, and slab building techniques. You will also learn about colored slips and glazing so your ceramic piece will not only be beautiful but will last forever.
Your teacher is Elizabeth Orleans, a passionate artist who loves sharing her knowledge. She will guide you through each step in a supportive class setting. Whether you have some experience working with clay or you are a complete beginner, this is the place where you can build your skills and your confidence.
All of the tools and supplies will be waiting for you in class. Relax as you roll and pinch clay and even sip wine. (Some snacks and drinks are provided but you are welcome to bring your own as well.) Once you are done building your pieces and they dry completely, your teacher will bisque fire, glaze and glaze fire your ceramics pieces so that you can come get your finished products at a later date.
At the end of your session, you'll expand your knowledge of hand building with clay and have your handmade pieces to enjoy.
Please note
You will pick up your completed ceramic piece once the glaze firing process is complete with takes about a month.
Knowledge required
What you'll get
A fun experience with clay and the ceramics pieces you make in class.
What to bring
Any additional drinks or snacks plus images or ideas of what you may want to make for inspiration.

361 Vernon Ave. Studio #7 Venice, CA 90291

Hand Building Ceramics Workshop location
Your teacher
Ceramic Social
Ceramic Social

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Providing A Creative Experience With Clay
Ceramic Social allows people, whether traveling or after work, an opportunity to spend time away from their everyday life in a real artist's studio in Venice Beach, CA. Students get one on one attention to help them create whatever they can imagine in clay! Our mission is to create a fun experience for adults of all levels to come together and express their creative side. Come sip wine and snack after work while learning how to hand build out of clay.

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