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Junko Miura is a license Ikebana Master from the Ikenobo-Seigetsu school, the oldest and most traditional lineage in Japan. She dedicated over a decade of formal training to learning Ikebana; however, she has studied the art form for as long as she can remember, since her mother was an Ikebana Master as well.

Using her training in the ancient discipline, as well as her other work experience as an international designer, Junko developed Jun Fusion— a more evolved and artistic form of flower arrangement born from her personal creative vision.

Junko’s award winning creations based on her Jun Fusion method, as well as her extensive training in the ancient, traditional approaches, have made her one of New York’s most sought after artists of flower arrangements.

Junko has the honour of offering her creations to the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations, diplomatic ceremonies at the embassies, museums, galleries, high-end retail stores, and other public and private spaces. She also holds a teaching position at the New York Botanical Garden.





Mehruba Chowdhury Jun 2024

It was a great, relaxing experience. The class was small, which meant we received a lot of individual attention. I loved the arrangement I made and would love to take another class here.

Elizabeth Stevenson Jun 2024

What an experience! Junko was such a great teacher and it was so much fun!

Ikebana Class: Moribana Style review by Elizabeth Stevenson - New York City

Sarah Carr Jun 2024

Amazing class and instructor! The flowers were so beautiful. I will definitely recommend to friends.

Ikebana Class: Fun Beginner Lesson review by Sarah Carr - New York City

Radhika Patel May 2024

The best class! The instructor was so sweet and helpful. We enjoyed making our art

Floristry class review by Radhika Patel - New York City

Julia Kong May 2024

Loved the class and instructor! Provided beautiful flowers and gave a great intro to Ikebana. Hoping to go again!

Floristry class review by Julia Kong - New York City

Julia Chan May 2024

Class was so lovely and intimate. I love the small group setting and the attention Junko provided for us in class. This was a mother daughter experience for Mother’a day and it was perfect. Thank you!!

Cory Billig May 2024

Dear Junko, thank you for the private lesson and making this day a special birthday. This was our first Ikebana class, but definitely not our last. We are enjoying our arrangements everyday!
Cory & Chris

Elizabeth Chang May 2024

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed the class. The instructor was so nice, very knowledgeable and interesting. I went home with a pretty arrangement that I made and also learned a lot about Ikebana. I would highly recommend this class.

Clara Iorio May 2024

Junkies really took her time to ensure that I understood the concept! We was lovely and knowledgeable! It was a great experience! I highly recommend this class.

Pranusha Reddy Apr 2024

Our class was personal, informative, and fun! Highly recommend for beginners in ikebana. Thank you!

Nancy Brandon Apr 2024

My fiancé and I took this class together. The instructor had a warm and tranquil temperament. The atmosphere was calming and conducive for a floral arrangement. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I highly recommend taking this class with this instructor.

Teacher's response

Arigato, sweet works and review Hopefully see you again

Ives Wu Mar 2024

Our teacher was very patient and informative throughout the course! We had a great time learning about ikebana and loved the intimate and personable setting. The teacher definitely made us feel at home, and taking our ikebana home was icing on the cake!

Ikebana Class: Fun Beginner Lesson review by Ives Wu - New York City

Raymond Blum Mar 2024

This was our part of a delayed but not forgotten Valentine’s Day date day and surpassed my high hopes!

Junko is charming and informative. She taught us about facets of Japanese history and culture that birthed and have preserve the art of Ikebana.

Materials and equipment were all top notch and plentiful. We left with everything to recreate our beautiful arrangements at home.

I can’t recommend this course highly enough. I’ll take it again!

Leah Richberg Feb 2024

Wonderful class with a patient instructor. The experience was relaxing and inspiring. I learned a new skill that will bring new style to my home and office!

Oriel Bigel Feb 2024

The class was so much fun and Junko was so sweet. It was my first time learning about Ikebana and it was a great experience. Would come again!

Aaron Wong Feb 2024

I attended this class with my partner before Valentine's day. Our professor was very playful, informative, and kind. We had a blast and would recommend it to a friend.

Galina Kim Feb 2024

Great class for beginners. All supplies were provided. The instructions were easy to follow. Very pleasant instructor.

Yasmin Assef Jan 2024

I had the best beginner experience with Junko! I was fortunate enough to have one-on-one instruction, and I enjoyed every minute. The room was well-lit and the materials provided were beautiful. I had cherry blossom branches and calla lilies to work with. Junko took time to explain some of the history behind Ikebana and technique for Moribund style. I really loved putting together my first Ikebana arrangement and I look forward to coming back for more classes to learn about other styles. Junko is a patient and kind instructor and I am glad to have had her for a teacher!

Nikita Green Jan 2024

The class was amazing! She explained everything so well, from the history, the culture and how to create the flowers. Such an amazing, sweet, kindhearted teacher! All materials were provided to you and she even helped give you ideas in creating the flowers. Would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in learning and creating an Ikebana.

Lik Jen Lam Dec 2023

So much fun! And informational. Will definitely come back for other classes! Perfect for beginners

Nancy Zhang Dec 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Junko was very sweet and offered lots of great tips, while still giving you freedom to express yourself through your arrangement.

Teacher's response

Hello, Nancyarigato sweet review I will makeyour film soon.
 I want to know your friend name(expert for fishes?)

Jia Li Oct 2023

Me and my best friend had a great time with Junko and learned so much on the history and cultural significance of Ikebana. Junko was very encouraging and provided us with all the necessary's tools and flowers to make our first arrangements. She gave us vases and frog pins to take home and use for future arrangements.

Alaina Mulhearn Oct 2023

I loved this class! Junko was a wonderful teacher. I enjoyed the balance between learning about the history of ikebana and actually creating a design.

Nora Abdelwahed Sep 2023

Junko was SO wonderful and knowledgeable. Spent a relaxing hour with my sister creating our arrangement. Loved our end result and experience :)

Hotay Ma Aug 2023

Teacher is lively engaging and encouraging. She patiently showed the art and the feeling behind it.

Aimi Nguyen Aug 2023

Had a wonderful time taking this class. It is beginner friendly and there is room for creative freedom. Junko is extremely warm, kind, and encouraging. Would recommend to anyone who wants a hands on activity that is relaxing and creative.

Julie Louvau Jul 2023

Junko was a very friendly and talented instructor. Would recommend this class for anyone wanting to learn more about Ikebana. Loved the space that the class was in and also was happy with the bouquet that I left with.

Teacher's response

Arigato lovely Comment! Junko

Sihan Wu Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Teacher was very friendly and the class was a lot of fun! Very welcoming and homey environment as well!

Teacher's response

Arigato Take care -Junko

Rebecca Strom Jul 2023

Junko was absolutely lovely, such an informative and fun experience. I am so excited to continue to take class with her.

Teacher's response

Arigato See you anytime! Junko

Kimberly Simek Jul 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Junko was so helpful and kind! I had a wonderful relaxing time and learned so much (and took hope a beautiful flower arrangement!)

Teacher's response

Dear Kimberly!
It was so nice to share time with you in our lesson! Thank you for your wonderful review. I hope to continue Ikebana lessons with you!

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