Make a Drink and Dish for At-Home Happy Hour

Follow along with a chef to create a cocktail and small bites in this online class.

1.5 hours Class size 10 to 100     label $58
In this class, you will learn how to create a light bite and refreshing cocktail that's perfect for a group happy hour.
You will choose one option from this menu:
  • Mint Mojitos and Moroccan Loaded Flatbread - Make Ras El Hanout spice blend, crispy chickpeas, sauteed onions, yogurt sauce, and veggies. Make your own mint simple syrup for the mojito recipe.
  • Gin-Gin Mule and Thai Lemongrass Meatballs - Make beef, turkey, or vegetarian Thai-inspired meatballs. Make your own mint simple syrup for a twist on the Moscow mule.
  • Apple Cider Margarita and Cajun Sweet Potato Fritters - Make crispy sweet potato fritters with Cajun spice blend and your choice of add-ins like jalapenos, red peppers, and fresh herbs. Make an apple cider margarita.
Your guide is Chef Traci, who has traveled the world to expand her culinary knowledge. She will share her recipes and techniques so you can share a delicious meal with friends or colleagues in an engaging online experience.
You'll get a clear view of each step with multiple camera angles and close-ups. Every dish is easily recreated at home with Chef Traci's expert guidance and flexible ingredients to accommodate dietary preferences.
Get the gang together for a lively night of cooking and sipping or plan a remote team building activity that everyone will enjoy no matter what their cooking level. By the end of your time, you will have drinks and bites to enjoy and a new dish to put into your recipe catalog.
Please note
  • There is a 10 person minimum for this class but you can book with fewer people for $580.
  • I only teach private classes and schedule based on my client's preferred dates/times. Please contact me to learn more and book!
  • Menu items with meat can be made vegetarian and other substitutions can be made.
Knowledge required
Great for all levels
What to bring
Your teacher will send you a detailed list of ingredients and materials after booking.
Your teacher

I want a world where it’s easy to join together with family, friends, colleagues and enjoy a shared meal. (Yep, everyone eating the same—or almost the same—dish, and sharing in the same, amazing flavors.) And, I see dietary restrictions as an opportunity for inclusivity and creativity.
Eating is sociable. I want entertaining to become a joy again (or something you’d even consider) because you’ve got a simple, go-to method—and the tips, tools, and inspiration—to prepare a delicious shared meal. I also want regular weekday cooking for yourself, family or friends to feel doable and fun.
How I choose to keep learning as a chef is intentional, and part of my mission of inclusivity and creativity. For me, there is no greater inspiration than taking a private class from a fellow chef or home cook when I’m traveling, whether to Belize, Mexico, Thailand, or New York or New Orleans. There’s nothing that can replace the conversation and conviviality of being in a chef’s kitchen, and learning in a hands-on, interactive way where recipes, tips, philosophy, and story blend together beautifully. In our new world, we need everyone’s ideas, and everyone deserves a meaningful seat at the table.
My own love affair with the kitchen goes way back. I remember the day I got my Easy Bake Oven at age 5, and got right to work making up my own cake batters and recipes. I’ve been inventing in the kitchen ever since. It’s where I feel most creative, and at home.
And that’s what I want for you. The biggest compliment: when I hear back from participants in my team buildings and wellness programs that they felt empowered to take what they learned, and cook it immediately (sometimes that very weekend) for friends or for a family celebration.

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