Coffee Tasting: Brewing Methods

Learn how to taste coffee to make the best brews in this workshop in NYC!

Joe Coffee Company
Joe Coffee Company
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Love your morning cup but unsure which type of coffee is best for a french press or pour over? Learn how to make pair the best beans with your preferred brewing method in this coffee tasting!
In the first hour of the class, we’ll go through a presentation and general discussion. You’ll learn how to look at a coffee bag label, how each piece of information relates to the coffee, and how to use this language to purchase your ideal coffee. Then we’ll talk about extraction theory; the main elements of extraction, which ones we should change, which ones we should keep consistent, and how each element affects the final brew.
After the presentation, the instructor will demonstrate four separate brew methods; french press, aeropress, V60 pourover, and Kalita pourover. The recipes will be broken down and the instructor will talk through the process of each brew and the reasons behind specific techniques.
You will taste the coffee from each brew method to learn and distinguish the impact each brew method has on coffee. We will discuss the attributes of the taste of each coffee and what we could adjust to achieve a better balance of flavor, if needed.
This class makes a great experience gift idea for coffee lovers or a fun team building activity in NYC! Get ready to get caffeinated.
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131 W 21st St, New York, NY 10011

This venue is within walking distance of 23 St, 18 St, 14 St / 6 Av and 28 St stations

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Joe Coffee Company
Joe Coffee Company

Instagram followers23k
5.0 (2)

Welcome to The Workshop by Joe Coffee, our program for coffee exploration and education! Designed for home baristas, budding coffee enthusiasts, and seasoned professionals alike, The Workshop offers public classes covering everything from home brewing to coffee roasting, private classes that can be customized to fit your goals, and corporate classes to bring your team together. Our goal is to create welcoming and accessible learning opportunities for everyone. We look forward to sharing a coffee with you!

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